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  1. Hey guys, dropped by to say that I had a wonderful experience dealing with Gtek recently. I'm upgrading my PC and got the critical components - the CPU and Motherboard from Gtek. It was a super smooth experience right from placing the order (thanks @harjas), to shipping. The parts I bought are: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X ASUS ROG Strix B550 Gaming F Wifi Here's a pic of the hardware (the CPU and Board are from Gtek) before I started building. Would definitely recommend Gtek and will surely be purchasing from them in the future! PS: Thanks for the freebie, much appreciated!
  2. Sure. @PhantomShade you can search for our clan, IVG Crew in-game and send a join request.
  3. Tyler

    The Evil Within 2

    No other survival horror game comes close to Silent Hill 2 - my favorite game of all time. The people at Konami who shuttered Silent Hills deserve to spend an eternity wandering the town of Silent Hill.
  4. This is the main issue with adding MTs in games like these. It's completely possible to play and finish the game without spending money on those, they why add them and unnecessarily tarnish the image of the game? Plus stuff like this spreads like wildfire over the internet and often gets blown out of proportion. Sure the publishers want some extra $$ on top of the $60 they're already asking for but they fail to realize the impact on the industry as a whole. There's a reason why people hate mobile gaming and that is why PC/consoles were a completely different league. But now that business model has invaded actual games (read publishers have tasted blood). There are games where MTs certainly make sense (F2P games, MMOs etc.) but why have them in purely SP games like NFS, AC, Shadow of War etc.? I really hope this trend dies out soon. Make a good game, make good expansions/DLCs etc and if people like your game they'll likely pick up additional content as well. But predatory practices will continue to exist as long as idiots keep dropping real money on lootboxes. People who actually play games like NFS Payback or Shadow of War will know that you don't need to spend extra to get the most out them but you'll always have the vocal majority jabbing fingers in their ears and going "la la la lootboxes la la"...
  5. The game is so meta... something good turning over completely to the dark side. Maybe it's setting us up for (possible Episode VIII spoilers)...
  6. Well it's a more tactical game than Mercs for sure but the setting, the open world and the ability to commandeer any vehicle (land, sea, air) and approach missions from any angle kind of reminded me more of that series than any previous Ghost Recon games. It's definitely not the mindless explosion-fest that the Mercenaries games were though. And yeah World in Flames was probably the best blow-stuff-up simulator ever!
  7. Waiting for a decent sale on this one. I know I'll never finish it (and that's why I never bought it) but it should be fun to dip in and out from time to time. I enjoyed the visuals and gameplay during the beta. It felt like a more polished version of the Mercenaries games than Ghost Recon though.
  8. Tyler

    Crysis Remastered

    Played Crysis on the same card back in the day And yeah, this series needs to go on. I've enjoyed pretty much all of the games.
  9. Tyler

    The Evil Within 2

    That's high praise! I have a feeling I'll enjoy this (possibly more than TEW1).
  10. This is exactly what I'm doing and for the same reason. I'm using the main missions as guide for progression (despite having outleveled pretty much all of them at this point). It's so much easier to focus on clearing 1-2 zones at a time than having the entire map filled with incomplete icons. Besides it also helps me appreciate how varied the zones are and the side quests have more context and don't feel like an obligatory activity, otherwise it just starts to become a blur. For example the side quests in Memphis are related to the main quest and it would feel really weird to do them out of order (even though it's possible).
  11. Tyler


    Archwing will unlock naturally as you play further. There's a quest that gets unlocked I think at Mastery Rank 2 and if I'm not mistaken you have to progress up to Mars. So keep working on that Galaxy Map!
  12. Tyler


    Yeah, most of the challenging stuff is either side missions / optional content or post-game. Which I think is smart design because it doesn't prevent people from progressing with the story mode and still provides challenge for those who seek it. I'm assuming the fight you're talking about is . That's fairly early on, not even 1/3rd of the game. Surprised you feel this way though. The game is all about the combat system and loot. There's really not much in terms of story (it's just there) or any sense of adventure like the Souls series. The exploration is limited within it's small levels (but still rewarding since loot and shortcuts) and there's a lot of re-use of the same levels and enemies especially if you do the side content. The DLC missions and bosses however are really good are very difficult. That said, the game basically lives and dies on it's combat and if you don't enjoy that I don't think it'll appeal to you. Then again, it's hard to imagine someone who likes action games not liking the combat here. There's just so much variety in builds and weapon types.
  13. Tyler


    The launcher is broken for me too - I get really unreliable speeds. Try messing around with the Aggressive Download option in the launcher settings btw. @Django_3101 - Excalibur is a good all-rounder frame so stick with it until you can build Rhino (parts from Venus boss) or Ember. All frames in this game are viable for endgame and high level content. It depends on how you mod them based on their strengths. Learning the mod system and various stats and abilities of your chosen frames and weapons is the core of the game. There's a surprising amount of variety and depth here. Don't worry too much about Mastery Rank right now, it's something that will increase naturally as you keep leveling new frames and weapons (note that duplicates don't count). Focus on clearing the map nodes for now and getting parts and materials for Rhino or something else. Rhino is a great frame for learning as well as mid-level content because it's extremely tanky and the abilities are very straightforward. Also, I would suggest not spending too much time on Cetus and Plains of Eidolon on Earth. It's an unique experience but something that might be better done later. You can do low level bounties and stuff but the current rewards are not good enough for the amount of time it usually takes. You'll be better off doing the other missions and earning more or less similar rewards in lesser time. Check the Market for any weapon blueprints you can buy and start crafting them. That way you'll have more variety in the arsenal as well as get mastery XP. If you like a weapon, keep it. If not, delete it so the slot can be reused. Inventory slots are the only thing in the game that are locked behind platinum so use them wisely.
  14. Tyler

    Diablo 3

    I've played Barb and Monk on PS4 and it plays really well, in fact better than the PC version. I've always thought that the console version is a better experience overall. It does get stuff like patches and content late but nothing beats the controls, the ease and most importantly - couch co-op. The only drawback is the inventory management which can get somewhat tedious - but even then the UI is fairly simple and elegant for a game of this kind.
  15. Tyler


    The challenge tapers off in the second half of the game though, the first few missions and bosses are definitely a lot of more challenging than anything in the latter part of the game. Still, it's an awesome action RPG with a super tight combat system - a cross between something like Ninja Gaiden and Diablo with some elements from Souls. One of my favorite games of the year which I can't wait to revisit on PC (too many other games on the backlog right now).
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