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  1. He's at Rockstar San Diego. He actually left R* for a year and joined back a few months ago. Last I checked with him, he said GTA 6 is still a long way away. Unlikely to be revealed this year.
  2. Playing the Director's Cut on the PS5. Really enjoying it. The Haptics and 3D Audio are great! They are on par if not better than Demon's Souls.
  3. Finally managed to snag a PS5. Getting it next week. What's the number one game I should get? Am thinking of Demon's Souls, but what has everyone else enjoyed on IVG?
  4. Mauji before and after a haircut. Like his tapori look more! Seedha bacha look doesn't suit his personality
  5. This is Mauji. 7 months old. Total brat! Love him so much, but bugger has eaten up all of my free time since we got him! Nobody told me raising puppies was so hard.
  6. Gautam

    Cyberpunk 2077

    What difficulty are you guys playing on? Started on Hard. Switched back to Normal after getting my a*s kicked during the E3 mission (rescuing the naked lady). The game is so dense and throws so much stuff at you, it's a bit overwhelming. But it has such a strong style and vibe, I love it! Played a few hours on PC. No major bugs. Runs decently on my mid-range rig.
  7. Gautam

    Cyberpunk 2077

    lol imagine if this had actually released before PS5/Series X launched.
  8. Gautam

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Might end up doing that. Although one benefit of getting in on PC is that I have my work computer setup right next to the gaming PC on my desk. So might be able to sneak in some CP sessions during work hours too
  9. Gautam

    Cyberpunk 2077

    I have a PS4 pro and was planning on getting it for that hoping I'll have a PS5 by now so that I can run it in back compat. Have given up hope for a PS5 until sometime next year. So PC it is. Had built a PC earlier this year for Half Life Alyx. Should be able to run CP with medium/high settings. Only bummer will playing it on a monitor vs by 55" 4k HDR TV.
  10. Gautam

    Cyberpunk 2077

    It's mesmerising seeing resetera implode in realtime over this game. Not surprising though. It was only a matter of time
  11. Gautam

    Grand Theft Auto V

    Apparently they want to reduce the dev time on GTA 6 so they are planning to release it in episodic form. Kinda like Hitman. This is to address complaints about RDR2 being too long. So there will be a shorter main story with lots of single player DLC.
  12. Gautam

    Cyberpunk 2077

    As a consumer of all kinds of products, I feel game dev crunch is literally the least offensive form of "oppression". These are white collar people in white collar jobs often with multiple options for where they want to work. As opposed to the folks who work factories to assemble your phones and computers or the ones that work in sweatshops to make your clothes or literally any other industry. Instead of twitter outrage, the best way to combat this kind of exploitation is to moderate your consumption across all products. You don't need to buy a phone every couple of years nor buy clothes so often and yes, nor do you have to buy every AAA game.
  13. Good point. But a diversity of games and types of games will be key. Apparently there were people who just used to watch Friends on Netflix over and over again. But Netflix continues to spend more on original content every year than the previous. Microsoft will have to do the same. This model has never been done for games so I don't know if this works out in the long run. But it's great to see Microsoft put real dollars behind this strategy. If it works, there's a good chance, Xcloud comes to Playstation.
  14. They are following the Netflix playbook. The only way Game Pass works and is profitable in the long term is if they have mostly original content. I'm sure they're losing money on all third party content paying rent to the developers. If you actually think of Game Pass as Netflix for games from a business model perspective, the acquisition makes total sense. Xbox consoles are like reference TVs recommended by Netflix to view their content. Game Pass with a bunch of original and exclusive content is the endgame.
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