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  1. Gautam

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    And done!
  2. Gautam

    Avengers: Endgame Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Watched it finally. Really enjoyed it. Liked the first half better. There are a lot of plot holes. Biggest one is that all the folks that come back are 5 years younger than those that didn't disappear. Peter Parker went back to school to find his doofus pal who should've been in college by now flunked 5 straight years and is still in high school
  3. Gautam

    Game of Thrones Spoiler Discussion Thread

    More important characters died in the Battle of Hogwarts in Harry Potter than in Battle of Winterfell. And that was a kid's book/movie. Liked the episode overall. It was well done. But the show has become quite predictable and fan servicy.
  4. Gautam

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    Loved this fight. Was almost going to finish it without taking any damage but panicked and messed up in the end. Didn't use any items (besides health) or prosthetic skills. I learned his moves and realized there are tiny windows in his combos when you can actually attack. You need to be focussed but relaxed to take advantage of those opportunities. It was a very enjoyable fight until the very end where I really f**ked up. Got the job done though.
  5. Gautam

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    Loving the game. I'm about half way through and I think it's an improvement over Bloodborne in almost every way for me. I'm also finding it way less frustrating to progress and it's because of the flexibility the game provides. The game gives you multiple ways to tackle an area. Stealth is a great addition and works really well. Also, there is almost always a way to do a stealth deathblow on mini bosses and this is by design. You can always find alternative routes to get behind them or on top of them to start the fight with a deathblow. These are the ways it's better than Bloodborne for me Short loading times - I think this is the biggest one for me. This in addition to fast traversal keeps me coming back to bosses that kick my a*s. I must have spent 4 hours on Lady Butterfly. This boss really taught me and made me appreciate the game mechanics but the reason I could keep coming back was the fact that I didn't have to wait more than 30 seconds before I could jump back into action. It's the same with most boss fights and it was one of the unfortunate aspects of Bloodborne where it was often a lot of time and effort to actually get back to the boss. This would often lead to a loop where you're waiting longer than actually playing the game and it was incredibly frustrating. I think developers of "hard games" should really ensure there is "minimum time to boss" to avoid frustration. God of War aced this as well. Simplified stats and items - I could never understand and appreciate all the stats in Bloodborne and the overall RPG mechanics were a bit overwhelming. I was always worried about investing the skill points wrongly or upgrading the wrong weapon or not wearing the right outfits at the right time. I like the reduced stats and items in this game. You can focus more on upgrading your real gameplay skills and worry less about items and stats. And the ones that are there and easy to understand and upgrade. The various skill trees are also easier to understand and invest in compared to anything in Bloodborne. Better death mechanic - I think this is the area where Sekiro is the most forgiving compared to Bloodborne and other Souls games. You get a decent amount of replenishable items after death to tackle most bosses. There are boss exceptions where you need special items but so far they all seem optional. But it is much easier to spend/use your money and experience and create a floor you cannot fall below to then take on a boss again and again. I've never had to go farming for items in the middle of runs to beat a boss which again allowed me to keep getting better and kept me motivated for one more shot to beat the boss. The concept of coin purses is a lifesaver as well. Better level design? - I loved the level design in Bloodborne but I love it even more in Sekiro. I like how at any given point, you have multiple paths to explore. This was also the case with Bloodborne to an extent but Sekiro has a greater sense of freedom. I also really like how open and wide the levels are and I think the grappling mechanic is really under-appreciated in this game. They essentially put in a Japanese Spider-man game within the game and it's like no big deal. It did take me hours to accidentally stop using the prosthetic when I wanted to grapple (R2 instead of L2, damn you Spider-man!). Little details like you don't fall off if you accidentally run to the edge, you don't insta-die if you jump off into the abyss, the way the grappling indicators work, all of these make exploring fast, easy and enjoyable. You're never fighting the controls trying to get to or running away from some place and I think it's quite an achievement. The combat - I think this is a logical progression of the combat from Bloodborne. My understanding is that Bloodborne was designed specifically to incentivize Souls players to play aggressively and not hid behind a shield all the time, especially with the regain system. Well, Sekiro takes it to the next level. I like the fact that you don't have to manage your stamina and you can ignore your health in certain situations as well. Especially, if you're close to breaking your enemy's posture and you're confident about your skills. The game is also does a much better job helping you understand the enemy's moveset. It's always clear which attacks you can block, counter or side-step. The key is in learning the patterns. In Bloodborne there was a lot of trial and error to figure out these things and the process of learning the moves was quite slow and frustrating compounded by the slow loading and other issues I mentioned. I'm honestly quite surprised how much I'm enjoying this game. The game is obviously hard but I haven't been frustrated even once like I was with Bloodborne (which I finished) and Dark Souls 3 (which I abandoned mid-way). I'm fairly confident I'll finish this game. Like others, I'm also doing more mini-bosses before tackling the main bosses. I don't mind being OP for some of the encounters. I feel I deserve the occasional easy boss based on investing my time in learning how to play the game and just when I get too cocky the game brings me back to reality by introducing a new normal enemy that'll kick my a*s in 5 seconds.
  6. Gautam

    The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    So Sony wasn't able to force MS to offer BC in the last generation. But MS was able to put enough pressure with the help of game devs to force Sony's hand this gen. I understand they're in second place. But they've played their cards right in this regard to make things happen. Regarding BC, I'm not sure I buy this reasoning around the Cell. The 360 wasn't based on the x86 either and at launch they had the same argument. But they added it retroactively by building the tech. It's still not out of the box BC. Even if you have a disc, the console downloads a BC compatible version from the Xbox store. And they have to test and potentially add customizations for each game to be BC and they keep adding newer games to the library. Regarding next gen, don't put it above these companies to make customer hostile decisions to make more money. Especially when they're in a position of leadership. I think BC is a given now, but I would credit MS for it rather than the notion that these consoles are based on x86 architecture.
  7. Gautam

    The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    Microsoft despite all the game cancellations and middling reviews for exclusives have really turned it around under Spencer. With backwards compatibility to the One X to gamepass. Even the Adaptive controller was an awesome initiative. They couldn't compete with Sony head on, but all of these initiatives have helped bring them back from irrelevance and have ensured there'll be at least one more competitive generation of consoles. They've also forced Sony to adopt gamer friendly practices like cross-play. Also, Sony now has to include backwards compatibility in their next gen console. MS would offer it for sure and Sony skipping it would really be the biggest self goal since MS's Xbox One launch. All in all, it's awesome and exciting that MS is shaking things up like this. Sony should continue their focus on awesome single player games, but it'll be interesting to see how they respond to the expansion of game-pass and other services that MS has in store.
  8. Gautam

    Resident Evil 2: REMAKE

    Lol it's not what you think. The game will let you know when you should be scared.
  9. Gautam

    Resident Evil 2: REMAKE

    I actually played RE7 in December last year. Had always wanted to play it since it came out just never got around to it. It was my first proper RE game. (I think I tried a PC port of RE4 years ago). I loved the game. It was the right amount of horror and jump scares. And after a few hours, it's more tense that it is scary. I really enjoyed the boss fights too. It was this game that actually put RE2 remake on my map. I had no idea it was coming this soon. I got it at launch and really enjoyed it as well. It's more polished than RE7 overall, but it's hardly as scary or intense. The zombies sound and move like they do in Plants vs Zombies. The first time you meet Mr. X is chilling but once you realize you can outrun him, he becomes a piece of cake to avoid. I have a PSVR but haven't tired RE7 on it. I've heard it's nicely done in VR. Anyone tried it?
  10. Gautam


    I wouldn't be surprised if good-guy Spencer made a deal with Nintendo to allow PG to salvage the work they'd put in on the project.
  11. Gautam

    The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    I think GOW deserves all those awards, but RDR2 was pretty much the best gaming experience of the last few years for me. It's a tough game to review and score I guess. There are things that are objectively bad about the game, but there are other things it does that no game comes close to matching. GOW is the more polished game overall and does almost everything quite well. But it doesn't come close to matching the highs of RDR2 for me. Also, don't be that guy who shits on other people's opinions because they don't match yours. Nobody likes that guy.
  12. Gautam

    Metro Exodus

    Is there an option to tone down the motion blur on consoles? It's almost unbearable in the videos.
  13. Gautam

    The Cricket Thread

    Listening to the stump mic chatter, Dhoni has been incredible at predicting what the batsmen were going to do. One of the stumpings and the last wicket were because the bowler did exactly what Dhoni asked them to do.
  14. Gautam

    Red Dead Redemption 2 [READ OP BEFORE POSTING]

    You can upgrade your camp and get a fast travel option (but only one way). You can also use stagecoaches to fast travel from town to town. I used these two options when I didn't want to go for a long ride (which wasn't often). You can also take the train, but I haven't tired it. I've finished the game now but still ride to most places doing open world stuff. I'm still discovering new things and having new encounters that continue to make these long rides rewarding.