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  1. Guys asking Dhoni to hit need to chill. If he's gone we 100% lose this. Let him keep the wicket on the other end and allow Jadeja to win this for us
  2. Gautam


    You're assuming Sony would want to have it part of PS Plus. Why would they want to give exposure to a game that might entice their own customers to move away from their platform in the future?
  3. True. It was awesome when Microsoft turned on crossplay between XBL and steam for all its games. Oh wait..
  4. This article has less than zero credibility. Pure clickbait journalism. First of all they interviewed the head of global brand management of the publisher i.e. Koch media. Because that's the guy you got to for the fine technical details about an upcoming game. They couldn't find anyone from the dev team to talk to. Secondly, no where in the interview did the guy say "native 4k". He was asked about 4K and he said, "Yes we'll hit 4k". Read the article. The sentence where they mention the word "native", it's inserted by the journalist just so they can get this clickbait headline. Guaranteed, this game will use some form of checkerboard rendering to hit 4k.
  5. Gautam

    Days Gone

    The game has mediocre written all over it. The gameplay, the graphics, the characters, the dialogue.. everything seems B grade. Can't believe this is a first party title. Sony has had an awesome streak of first party releases. I think this game will end it.
  6. This game is meant to be played on the hardest difficulty without the detective vision thing. I really enjoyed gun play, the melee, the whole hide and seek aspect of the gameplay with very limited ammo. I'm sure that's how the game was initially designed and meant to be played but they copped out in the end and added the easy mode with detective vision.
  7. The only thing I liked in the trailer was the music. R* used to be the masters of trailers. I think they've missed a step with the last two trailers. GTA 5 released 5 years ago and there definitely has been an open world fatigue since then. This game can't just rely on a good story. There need to be new gameplay elements to keep the game fresh. And they haven't shown any of them. It'll be a disappointing game if they simply use the open world model of the first RDR with a new story and better graphics.
  8. Switch off the threat indicators and listen to Atreus warn you about where the attacks are coming from. I switched off the HUD completely a third of the way through the game and my combat improved so much. You're forced to pay attention to Atreus and enemy placements. I'm so much more aware of where the enemies are and where the attacks are coming from. For the spoilered enemies, you should take care of with ranged axe attacks and Atreus. Create space from the more slower enemies and take down these pesky ones first. Atreus will warn you if someone is about to attack you from off screen. Also, the game looks so good without any HUD elements, no Kratos or enemy health bars, no noisy threat indicators. Been playing on hard and really enjoying the combat.
  9. Ya. Not sure why people are thinking it's Marston
  10. It's the same guy from the last trailer. Just with a beard
  11. Played about 5 hours yesterday. Game is solid. Enjoying the combat and really like the interaction between Kratos and the boy. Also, the level design is very reminiscent of Bloodborne with the secret paths and unreachable ledges that you get to later on and open up shortcuts. Love it One thing I'm not a big fan of is the whole upgrade system. It's unnecessarily complex. There's XP, hacksilver, runes and a whole bunch of other stuff. And it's not like there're different gameplay incentives to acquire these things. The same kind of exploration gets you all of the stuff. Also, the inventory to manage and upgrade seems like a mess. They could've consolidated some of these things and simplified the upgrade menu.
  12. Gautam


    Depends on if you're playing online or offline. If you're playing online and shut down/rest mode PS4, then you'll be booted to the main menu. If you were playing offline, you can continue from where you left off.
  13. This move makes sense in the context that Bloodborne 2 will be announced at E3 this year.
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