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  1. Arrey guys! Relax and take it easy! Sabka Ps5 ayega!
  2. Update on my case: I managed to get refund from Flipkart. I spoke to them nicely and explained them the issue. When the game got picked, I got a refund within 1 hr. Needless to say, I am sh*t scared in buying games from Amazon / FK in future.
  3. Please can someone share the backside of the disc? I am picking a second hand copy from someone and I want to ensure that I don't get a fake game. Is there a Ps4 logo in the inner side of the disc or some kind of serial number? Thank you
  4. Just hope they send a Ps5 and not Ps4 or a mixer / grinder
  5. I got the replacement from Flipkart and they again sent a fake copy of GOT :/ I have raised a complaint again this time requesting them to refund.
  6. I found out about Ps Collection only some days back. I was shocked to find out that this service existed for Ps5 lol Thankfully I didn't buy games that are already there on Ps Collection but I did manage to pick up the Ps subscription for 2250 bucks for 12 months
  7. Just to update - FK has agreed to replace GoT which I had ordered earlier
  8. They will create another job sheet for this lol Btw for this, please file consumer case! It makes complete sense.
  9. I think it's best to cancel it unless you want to take a chance
  10. Spoke with FK. It has been escalated. They said they would replace it even though it's mentioned that the product is not replaceable. I did make an unboxing video after someone suggested it in one of the threads
  11. Guys! I think I got either a used or a fake game from FK. I had ordered GOT from Flipkart and it got delivered now. The disc and box has scratches.The box feels a bit worn out. Unfortunately, I cannot check the game as I don't have a Playstation. Pls avoid Flipkart or Amazon for buying games
  12. Has anyone bought or knows about OnePlus TV Y series? I am thinking of buying 32" for one of the rooms. I was wondering about the picture and sound quality. I have never bought a Chinese branded television before so was wondering. I don't intend to game but stream movies / TV shows
  13. Off-topic but I had ordered Airpods 2 on FK some months back and got a fake unit. I raised it with FK and they promptly replaced it within 7-8 days. I have ordered GOT from Flipkart now. Let's see what happens.
  14. I got my iPad Pro 11" which costs 71K in a bubble wrapped envelope from Amazon lol. iPad's box had slight dent but the iPad was fine so I didn't complain. Surprisingly, their groceries were better packed than my iPad lol
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