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  1. 2 hours ago, black_Scorpion said:

    It will still have 2 more years of security updates and I am not worried about OS update as my wife wont be bothered by it. Is there any other good phones between 25-30K?

    S20FE 5G has some heating issues and battery life will be average. A52S is the better option for better battery life and less heat. M53 is also good option at 25k. And finally Mi 11 Lite NE 5G and Realme 9 Pro Plus

  2. 13 hours ago, CtrlAltDev93 said:

    Can someone suggest a good phone under 30k? It’s for my dad. Some basic camera usage, WhatsApp, YouTube etc. Battery life and dual sim are important features. Fast charging would be good too but not a dealbreaker to not have.

    Realme 9 Pro Plus, overall well balanced phone, Moto Edge 20 for stock android experience without bloatware, Samsung A52S overall well balanced phone.

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  3. On 4/7/2022 at 8:04 PM, Felix the cat said:

    Never did any transaction through wazirx but i have it on my phn.


     i think if you want to check how much you invested in  one or two specific coins,you can check it through the order history of that coin.


    But if you want to check for all of the coins and the list is very long.

    Then you can download the trading report .


    Afaik we have only these option available to check how much money was invested.

    Personally i keep  notes of those transactions which i did for long term perpose.

    Usually i keep record of how much money i invested,what was the rate of the coin at the time of making transaction,how much coins i received with date of the transaction.


    That's not user friendly. Zerodha and other apps show the invested amount. Not too difficult to add this feature.

  4. On 1/16/2022 at 4:07 PM, silv3rgunn3r said:

    Is the s20 fe 5g worth 33k? It'll have updates till 2024 iirc. It's on sale as of now.


    S21 fe is 50k, has an Exynos chip and no expandable storage ....if only it were Snapdragon and 40k i would have got it :/


    Have no plans to buy s22 as it'll be out of my price range 


    Is s20 fe 5g still a viable purchase in 2022? I'm looking to use whatever phone i buy to last for 4 years at least .





    Fantastic deal for that price. I myself have been considering getting the S20FE since Pixel 4A is overpriced 

  5. 2nd gift is here, thanks Santa! :wub:
    Excited to read a physical book after so long, I've been reading on a Kindle PW for 5 years now.
    Time to reveal yourself :majesty:
    Seems like christmas has come early! I have no clue how santa knows I like Hershey's [emoji106]Thanks Santa! Please reveal yourself! 
    I'm your Santa, sorry for the late reveal. I am glad you liked the gift! More gifts incoming however first you will need to accept my friend request on steam!
  6. Received my gifts! Wow I really love it! Was looking to buy a decent headphones and had shortlisted this. Great gift!
    And God of War, I was really looking forward to playing this. Although I currently don't have a PlayStation , I was planning to get one soon so could play some of the great Sony exclusives like GoW. Definitely the first game I will play when I get one.
    Thanks so much for the lovely gifts Gaurav. I don't know your IVG username so please reveal yourself! fda2c346bd9959ad16189f72ee66ec4c.jpg

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  7. Govt. and RBI keep dilly dallying.
    Feels like this is being done to let people in power accumulate crypto on dips.
    This is exactly the reason why I haven't dabbled in it. Need an exchange, wallet and medium which is completely cut off with the Indian regulators.
    Hopefully RBI isn't dumb enough to ban crypto. It would be a bad look. Also in case they do ban it, what happens to millions of people who are currently invested in crypto? Are all their money gone?
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