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  1. PS2 games used to cost 500rs but PS5 games will cost 5k [emoji33]
  2. Not feeling too much hype. I was way more hyped during PS4 launch. I mean it doesn't really help when you know its gonna cost a bomb.
  3. Just kidding bros. I'm actually waiting on a good deal on PS4 Slim. Should be sufficient for my 1080p TV. Still haven't played God of War, TLOU2, UnCharted 4,Spiderman etc
  4. With PS5 launch, I will finally be able to afford PS2 yay
  5. Oh man i like him. Wishing him the best. He will be fine.
  6. We have people with fever/cough /cold coming to office. Eat food in packed canteen. Obviously need to remove masks to eat food. Testing positive. Taking a couple of weeks leave. Coming back. Rinse repeat. At one point half of my team was sick with varying symptoms like cough /fever/headache. Still coming to office because not enough systems for work from home. Travelling to and fro from work in packed office bus as well. I eat in same canteen and travel in bus too. Because well you have to. What you gonna do?
  7. I think we can close this thread now as Corona virus is no longer a problem. Suggestion to open Kangana Sushant case thread which imo is more important issue currently for the nation.
  8. Good move by government of India. All these anti national PUBG players/streamers will now have to find something meaningful to do with their lives.
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