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  1. Thanks, all of these seem pretty interesting
  2. Thanks looks interesting will check it out
  3. Watched Piku recently really liked it. Any such similar kind of Bollywood movies which have some decent quality humor and or feel good kind of story without any action scenes and unnecessary songs? Something little different from usual.
  4. Guys let me me know if PS4 Slim goes for really cheap. Thanks.
  5. Missed on out PS4 Slim 500gb bundle for 18k. Hopefully it goes for sale again in near future.
  6. As a backup phone, Redmi 7A or Nokia 5.1 Plus are great options.
  7. Yes i definitely feel the plastic chair would be way more comfortable
  8. S9, S9+,OP7 and 7T all very good options. S9 the last of its kind to have headphone jack and micro SD slot.
  9. Am playing the Goty edition on PC which has been given free by Epic games store. I am not even halfway and i like it much better than City and Origins. Joker is so amazing in this game.
  10. So you are saying console and pc players will be able to play together so PC CoD games will no longer die in a couple of months?
  11. Yes its definitely a good idea, i am with you on this one. One for gaming and one for non gaming.
  12. Do you know that there's a youtube channel that shows the entire ppv/shows in 30 mins.
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