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  1. Both are amazing. Great fight it was.
  2. Am planning to buy some stuff need some recommendations. Router - TP Link Archer C20 UPS - APC BX600C (for WFH PC) Headset - Hyperx Cloud Stinger or Core (for gaming and watching videos on laptop) Wireless Earbuds - Realme Q2 Neo Wireless keyboard mouse combo - Dell KM117 Are these good options, planning to buy these during October sale.
  3. RAW was actually good this week. Atleast the opening match and the main event.
  4. Finished LiS True Colors. Currently playing RDR2 and NFS Heat
  5. Also next week is going to be awesome Dynamite and Rampage. Daniel Bryan vs Kenny Omega and many other great matches.
  6. They didn't play his full music during his entrance on Dynamite fist time he appeared. Hence he has vowed revenge next week.
  7. The Suzuki Incident is a very important and sensitive topic that needs to be addressed with great care and responsibility.
  8. I had finished this game last week. Its a decent game but underwhelming. 6/10 game in the current state. Big scope of improvement.
  9. Malignant was very good. Best in the genre this year so far.
  10. Horizon Zero Dawn is actually not that well optimised. Try Days Gone and Death Stranding. That's what you call an optimised game. I have Nvidia 1650 laptop and Days Gone ran at near constant 60fps at 1080p Medium settings while Zero Dawn ran at about 40-50fps avg. Cyberpunk 2077 runs at just 30fps avg while the worst performance I noticed was on The Medium which runs at about 30fps on medium and drops down to 10-15 fps when game is running in split screen as it basically renders twice separately.
  11. Saw Candyman (1992) last night. Pretty good movie. Excited to new the new one.
  12. mohit9206

    Days Gone

    Finished the game and watched the true ending on youtube. Good game.
  13. mohit9206

    Days Gone

    Is it worth seeing it through now that I have finally Coz if half of the story is still left to go then it seems too long.
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