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  1. f**k price increased to $30 on EGS, what should i do? Pre-order on Steam before price increase?
  2. I will wait for the release on EGS to see if $10 coupon can be applied. Hopefully they don't increase the price before then. Its current $16 on EGS. As long as only Steam or EGS increases the price by release date i can still just get whichever is cheaper but hopefully both don't increase the price.
  3. Death rate is low. In Italy for example 0.1% of population has died due to Covid-19 but in India that same % would be almost 14 lac people. So we are doing better i guess.
  4. Life is Strange 2 and Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies
  5. Indians have better immunity than westerners hence less number of deaths here. Western people very proud of their healthcare system and the fact that they are developed country and nothing can happen to them and see what happened. Brazil is odd case, i would have imagined their immunity would be better than westerners.
  6. @Joe Cool Didnt you say back in january that this will be over in a week? Nobody took it seriously now see what happened
  7. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.businessinsider.com/who-no-need-for-healthy-people-to-wear-face-masks-2020-4%3famp
  8. Lack of testing
  9. https://nltimes.nl/2020/06/12/shocking-nearly-recovered-covid-19-health-issues-months-later
  10. What about Modicare? Does it cover Coronavirus ? And there was a govt health insurance scheme where you only pay 10rs per month or something , does it cover this?
  11. Wdym by lol, is it because they gave it 8 and that you think it deserves a 10 even though you haven't played the game but they have.
  12. Calm down guys, things are getting back to normal. We go to office now,shops and restaurants opening. Unlock 1.0 has been successful and we should appreciate this and look forward to unlock 2.0 next month. Things will be very normal soon.
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