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  1. Is P5R confirmed to launch on Gamepass in Oct on PC? Because upcoming games list on GP does not have any mention of P5
  2. Haunting of Hill House is so damn good. Yet to finish it.
  3. I disagree. Here is the best way to play it
  4. Started playing Lost in Random. Such a nice little game.
  5. I saw live, he was half dead by the end
  6. Ric Flair had his last match yesterday. He could hardly breathe.
  7. Why? I enjoyed it. Don't forget HHH is now the head of creative as Vince is retired. Bayley, Io and Dakota Kai coming back was 100% HHH booking, and main event was actually great even though I was tired of seeing Roman vs Brock for the millionth time.
  8. Acc to me fair value is around 20-25rs.
  9. I have only seen 2 eps so far but i find it totally not boring. In fact i find it quite engrossing and immersive.
  10. Yes that's usually the first thing I do after watching a movie, visit the official reddit discussion thread. I was just as amazed reading all the comments as I was watching the movie.
  11. Started Midnight Mass. Really good so far.
  12. Yes that's shitty. Wanted to watch Us but you have to rent it.
  13. The real winner is PC as we get both PS and Xbox games
  14. Hello guys I am here to fan the flames of hatred between Xbots and PS users, what is the best way to accomplish this?
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