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  1. AEW released footage of CM Punk attacking Jungle Boy Jack Perry which led to Punk quitting AEW last year. https://www.youtube.com/shorts/WQczcFsF0Vc
  2. That was freaking amazing. Finally the story is finished a new one is beginning. Bayley's win felt so good too. Would have liked Steve Austin to show up but Taker was good enough replacement
  3. They hyping Oba Femi too much. Anyways Trick vs Melo was great. Now its time for Mania!!!!!!
  4. Planning to go see First Omen in theatre but worried about what kind of censorship A rated Hollywood movies usually have. I hope they don't censor anything. If anyone seen it let me know how was the experience
  5. Man so excited for WrestleMania. Paul Heyman speech was so good! Cody better win or I will be so mad! And Damein Priest better not cash in on Cody or I will get mad. Also looking forward to Trick Williams vs Carmello Hayes tonight on NXT Stand and Deliver.
  6. If you like sci fi then yes definitely worth. I enjoyed the show. It will be too long a wait for 2nd season if netflix doesnt cancel it.
  7. Bit overrated. Yes its good, but not a laugh riot. Godzilla x King Kong was okay. Humor fell completely flat. First half was good but it sh*t the bed in second half. Just became generic black magic movie.
  8. Great RAW. CM Punk promo was fire. I hope Sami loses at Mania. I know this sounds crazy but I really want Chad to take the title from Gunther. Sami is already been IC champ multiple times.
  9. I also saw first 2 eps so far, definitely interesting.
  10. mohit9206


    Its boring playing solo, anyone got friend code to join in?
  11. Dragon's Dogma 2 Releases on Steam with $40 worth of microtransactions.Currently with 'Mostly Negative' Reviews Edit: Mixed now.
  12. I think it is quite obvious that Rock/Roman will win the tag match so Avengers can assemble on Night 2 to take out the Bloodline. And they definitely want Rock to be involved on Night 2 to get more views
  13. Just completed this game on PC, It was so disappointing. Other amazing graphics and animation and Pixar movie come to life, the actual gameplay didn't do anything for me, first 3-4 hours were fun but after that it was same thing for the rest of game. Boring story did not help at all. No idea how this game got such great reviews.
  14. Are Croma having a demo clearance sale? And are the prices good for demo units?
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