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  1. Man Horizon zero dawn on PC is easily best looking and best optimised game compared to every game i have played so far on my pc. Not only PC version looks miles better than console version in every  department but it can rival any current nextgen game in graphics imo. I abslutely love it. I think only RDR2 on PC can rival it right now.
    Decima engine is beastly engine 
    Horizon Zero Dawn is actually not that well optimised. Try Days Gone and Death Stranding. That's what you call an optimised game. I have Nvidia 1650 laptop and Days Gone ran at near constant 60fps at 1080p Medium settings while Zero Dawn ran at about 40-50fps avg. Cyberpunk 2077 runs at just 30fps avg while the worst performance I noticed was on The Medium which runs at about 30fps on medium and drops down to 10-15 fps when game is running in split screen as it basically renders twice separately.
  2. Actually the halfway mark is almost exactly at riding nomad again, when u go south. So another mission or 2 and you will be exactly halfway through. The game is split into two main storylines.
    One ends when you go south and a few missions later the next starts.
    The first is the I remember storyline. It ends as you go south and the second starts shortly after. Almost perfect halves.
    There are many other main storylines but this is the split in the game.
    Is it worth seeing it through now that I have finally

    found my wife at the military camp?

    Coz if half of the story is still left to go then it seems too long.

    Not halfway but around 30% more or less. the story actually starts from the 3rd camp and continues till the end. First 2 camps are just filler. 
    How far am I?

    Blew up the damn and killed Carlos


  4. Story picks up from here but still has pacing issue right till the end. 
    Am I even halfway through yet? Definitely enjoying it more than HZD. Yes the game definitely has pacing issues.
  5. Where are you in the story?
    Cause once you reach the third camp, you will not leave this game till you finish it.
    Yes I am at Lost Lake camp. The most recent mission i did was

    Got anti biotics for Boozer from crash site but they had to cut off his arm


  6. I won't miss this game on PC as I finished HZD earlier this week and was left fairly unimpressed. It certainly has a beautiful open world. Probably one of the best in gaming. But everything else is mediocre. The story, the gameplay, etc. Story is major reason I kept playing and it only got good in last few missions where you find out the truth about Project Zero Dawn.

  7. For this game, the way to play it is, rush the story till you reach lost lake. Then juggle extra stuff and main game. I didn't play it like that but I liked even the beginning. Going out on free roams, you go with a single useless gun vs freaks and marauders, its very exciting. Then story was going a little slow but I was playing quite a bit just to find out if Sarah was still (according to them) dead or alive. And then the Nero choppers were a nice twist. After that I bumped into my first horde (the train station) and then I was hooked. The first few hours just set the mood for how the world is - broken, only small camps are left, its dangerous to so much as step out. Almost exactly like Colter in rdr2. 1st 2 or even 3 chapters were ridiculously boring, days gone - just a couple hours. After that it picked up but I still didn't quite like rdr2 as much as a lot of other people did, wasn't perfect -and the story was a little dull (through the game you r just trying to steal a lot of money and escape, with a few twists and a lot of roadblocks. Ending was the worst - changes based on how many ppl you kill or save or good stuff (honor level - didn't even know abt the mechanic) you do instead of decision based).
    It literally take 25 seconds to loot a nightstand in rdr2. You hold the button (0.5 sec) then he slowly bends down and pulls open the cupboard and then stands up again (5 sec), then hold the button (0.5 x 3 = 1.5 sec) again and he slowly bends downs down and picks up the first item (4 sec) , second item (4 sec), third item (4 sec) and then hold the button (0.5 sec) he bends down slowly to clost the cupboard (5 sec). The "realistic" way to do that is to bend down, open the cupboard, pick up everything and then close the cupboard and stand.
    RDR2 - 7/10
    Days gone is a brilliant game, worth playing. Days Gone - 9.8/10
    And that was rdr2 vs days gone - my opinion based on real problems in rdr2 which don't bother other ppl as much as me.
    There was a days gone 2 trailer, and some stuff on the net saying the game is cancelled. Little confused. Anyone any ideas? There was even a poll to request a second game but then the trailer is out n all that so? The first game was brilliant and I really want to play the sequal. The final ending was essentially a cliffhanger.
    They're working on a new IP. Am about 15 hrs into the game and it's been decently fun but yes there is quite a bit of unnecessary padding and pointless missions. Game world is quite beautiful and immersive.
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