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  1. Merry Christmas Ivg and ivgians! It's been a few years but the experience I have had with so many people here has been great. Sometimes when I am down, I just go through my feedback and feel a sense of happiness and and joy. Hope and pray 2021 will be the best year ever. Cheeeeeeeeers
  2. Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 pro max 6gb/128gb
  3. It has lost its sync with the PS4, only option is you need a 2nd controller to reactivate the 1st. I had a similar issue few months back. Tried everything. This is the only option.
  4. Sony India will not accept tampered devices in or out of warranty.
  5. Told you they would rectify. Amazon Cc are very well informed. Had similar issues, not easy to fool them like FK.
  6. Not a good time to buy Huawei right now with all the US ban and all.
  7. It will be easily available as not many takers for the K20 with its premium price tag. Fastest finger currently is on the redmi 7a for 5799 and 5999. Sold out in 60 seconds on the first sale. It's a first for xiaomi as it comes with 2 years warranty.
  8. You have got to get Resident Evil biohazard on the VR. That will blow your mind and heart.
  9. Woah! 855 awesome purchase, hope the hype is true. Congo
  10. Unfortunately most of us don't have the option to use the code.
  11. Free 6 months display replacement offer for iPhone xr with the purchase.
  12. IPhone XR for 50k on amazon Bose soundlink revolve for 14k Nintendo switch for 22k Xbox one S 1tb 17k
  13. The first thing I checked as soon as Ivg was up was santanu18's post. Thank God your still here. 🤗
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