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  1. I am rather excited to play online..  Because it will involve real players..  Though I didn't play last fall out completely.  I was actually stuck in one place and could not get out of it

  2. 15 hours ago, adity said:

    Djura is beating me non stop. His gun is way too op and he takes me out even before I can react. 

    Some people are saying to go up the tower, aggro him and slid down back the ladder and he jumps off. Does that work? 

    Would someone be willing to help me out with him? I really wanna kil him. 

    Yes. You can push him from the roof. I did the same haha but don't forget to get the reward after you kill him.  I don't remember what it was though

  3. Which team will you choose for "my club" ?  Can't we take India?  This year I wanted to make an Indian team for my club it warned that if you choose this country you won't be able to play international matches..  What does it mean? 

    I want to choose a team with unique kits(cloths)  and good looking hometown stadium... 

  4. I feel like these electricity board ppl keep watching on me and as soon as I start or specially in an interesting point the electricity goes off..  I am scared when ever it's cloudy outside or when there is cool breeze outside coz here these people don't hesitate to cut the light when even a single leaf of tree waves with wind lol 

  5. 14 hours ago, achilles said:

    This is f**king insane. First, I am too f**king busy, and have played this game in between travels, and other work stuff, so immersion wasn't great, and I've been under-sleeping just to get enough time to be able to enjoy this game. Then tonight, after a break of a few days, when I'd figured I'd get to spend a good, nice time playing, these fukcing random power cuts are f**king me up. Grrr :ranting::rant: 


    I just don't f**king believe it. I can't get time to play, even when I moved the A/V into my room temporarily. FUKC you garib desh and you random f**king power cuts :rant: 


    Hahaha I can feel your pain

  6. I also bought fifa 18 and pes 2018 afyer 2 years but like always I could not play fifa more than 3 4 times..  I know it's an old debate fifa or pes but how can someone enjoy fifa mechanism..  I mean there players behave like robot and ball movement on ground or when you goal,  is just enough to make you realise that Oh its video game..  Despite every drawback I always loved pes gameplay afyer all gameplay is the only thing for which most of us play vidwogame. As far as I am concerned..  I can compromise with authentic leagues for gameplay. 

    Just wish pes 2019 doesn't concentrate on legendary players and micro transaction.. And playing/winning competitions should be more fruitful.. 

  7. I am also not kern for legend players but the current ones.  And actually it disappoints me when Konami avails old players or players like Usain Bolt. 

    But the thing is pes is currently best in providing almost realistic gameplay and mechanics of football. So it's always a buy buy for me. Of course like many I hate micro transaction in any game 

  8. On 08/05/2018 at 2:25 PM, Walker said:

    Dont need to explore everything just yet. I explored a little but there's so much that i just decided I'll finish the main quest and come back. Now that's done I'm just exploring everything I've missed, and there is so damn much :D

    Actually this is right approach to such games lol 

  9. 3 hours ago, Nathan.Drake said:


    I too have a huge back log (Around 20-30 games). And i am somebody who never purchases the game for full price, leave aside day one purchase :P. Even then went ahead and got the game day 1, took 2 days sick leave and finished the game. And i am so glad that i took this decision. You should just stop whatever you are doing and go buy this game, you genuinely won't regret it. 

    Even I took 1 day sick leave from work just to play it.  Though I did not finish it but still exploring 😀

  10. On 22/04/2018 at 7:31 PM, realsoccerdude111 said:

    They do work online. And you can use batman and robin kits for your team as well.

    Another fullfledge fruitful  Pes season for me.going strong still. Pes19 will still be a day 1 buy for me.

    Same for me..  Despite some frustrating moments with pes 2018.. It's still best soccer game today (at least for me) 

  11. I have never played GOW games.  What type of game is it?  Will any action adventure gamer would like it? So one need to player earlier games also to understand it? 

  12. Yes agree.  Pes has bad stadium.  Crowd is just stupid people who shouts with every goal whether done by home or away team. But guys pes gameplay is so realistic.  All kind of drible and malicia possible. And online is not that broken. I didn't try fifa online but pes online is so addictive. 

    I wish pes people do some more additions to game.  You can't sit just relying on gameplay. And pes should be more rewarding for winning match.  I don't like including Bolt in game..  Just stupidity. 

    Believe me.  I just want to play best soccer game and despite many negatives pes is winner for me.  I would play fifa just for its story mode 

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