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  1. I meant I used one; didn't know if it was the last one. hehe Anyway here is a code for anyone to use. SPMJVHZDQZMT
  2. Got the kunai throw, will get the parry one as well if I didn't already I have the regain health charm ( from special edition) and I found a fox at a question mark, followed it and got a slot unlocked. I thought I was supposed to kill it. LOL. I was trying to get it with my Katana.
  3. This is Adult switch! the color of youth removed. :p It's all grey and black now.
  4. Super! Thank you for the information! Will keep that in mind. Going to go, look for my katana now!
  5. Starting the game right now. I don't see much difference between frame rate or resolution mode in terms of choppiness (fps) but detail difference is kind of evident. Any tips for playing the game on PS5? (spoiler free please)
  6. Playstation direct yeah it is priced double or triple on amazon and elsewhere. Luckily saw it on PS Direct for the regular price. I think it still might be available. yep it is. https://direct.playstation.com/en-us/games/game/ghost-of-tsushima-special-edition-ps4.3005281
  7. I again played for a longer time with one, and R2 is a little loose on it now. I turned down the trigger effect to weak for now. Also, I am going to rotate between 2 controllers that I have now.
  8. Did you buy a grip for the lite? That helps a little with the cramping. @CarbonCore had suggested 2 excellent grips. Satisfye or Skulls&Co. I got the satisfye grip.
  9. Yes, that's correct! I think the warranty is for the full year. I tried to, I was on hold forever. LOL. So, I did the bad thing! :| I bought a new controller and got it replaced. Also, I have turned the trigger effect to weak for now.
  10. LOL.. dudes, My controller's R2 trigger went kaput. Had to buy a new controller and even on the new one, the trigger already feels a little loose. :'(
  11. Finished the story yesterday! Really fun game!
  12. Thank you! Yeah, all of you highly recommended Touryst. Tennis would be a pick me up fun game, play whenever types for me. hehe The premise of being a menacing goose is just hilarious..
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