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  1. When I had to turn on the PS4 for uploading the SpiderMan save file, the PS4 controller felt so poor. LOL. I won't be using them for playing any game on PS5 for sure.
  2. https://www.amazon.com/Ecash-Nintendo-Eshop-Switch-Digital/dp/B079C4Q1F7/ 10% off on e-shop codes on Amazon US.
  3. Will try to see whenever next India match is there. Thank you!
  4. Where can I watch these matches online?
  5. I totally get that. I tried playing Miles Morales on the resolution mode and couldn't bear it for more than a minute. Played SpiderMan remastered on performance RT just before that. LOL.
  6. The noise off the bat on the 5th one is epic!!! BEAST!!!
  7. Started watching The Americans. Has its ups and downs, but a pretty good show till now.
  8. Nintendo Plans Switch Model With Bigger Samsung OLED Display https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-03-04/nintendo-plans-switch-model-with-bigger-samsung-oled-display
  9. FDA already authorized it. https://www.fda.gov/news-events/press-announcements/fda-issues-emergency-use-authorization-third-covid-19-vaccine
  10. Hmm.. Never thought about this. I have a PS4 disc in there and yeah, it does make that super loud noise at boot time. I will try it out with a PS5 disc and see if it makes the same noise or not.
  11. Playing through Sackboy. Great game! If it were on Nintendo, this game would be right up there on charts and what not.
  12. jhakaas!!! Hahha.. the offers enticed me to get the watch and the buds. Galaxy watch 3 titanium I got for about $150 including $100 discount, $200 credit from phone, $160 for my gear s3 which had unfortunately started to show signs of its age. I really liked MST and hate that samsung took it off. buds pro were $100 The wireless chargers, I didn't have any before.. So one for my desk and the other for the night stand by my bed. smart tag was free with the phone. Looking forward to using it. I haven't used buds+, so I can't comment. Before these, I had the Jabra Elite active 65t. I am yet to get used to the buds. I haven't figured out the best fit for myself with them. Since the weather here has started to turn, so I might start going outside and get some use out of them. Yeah, I had a little difficulty with engaging the tap area. Need to get used to where it registers the tap. But it seemed to work fine once I had my finger positioned correctly.
  13. The shortage has already started to affect car manufacturing.. Several companies have had to shut down their factories already. :| Hopefully the demand evens out soon and the supply chain gets back to normal..
  14. Yep! LOL! He has started 12 step program to handle that time.. :p
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