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  1. RT @gvprakash: Sang this song for ARR sir when I was 3.5 years old ... nostalgic video @arrahman https://t.co/sJMFZTGb9I

  2. @motorolaindia Finally got the phone after 2 months for a simple display replacement for the running model G5splus.… https://t.co/RKiNHWgEXI

  3. @joeyldotcom @HarmlessHarvest Beautifully lit...

  4. @rutambhtrivedi FYI, Roll out has already begun. https://t.co/MTU9Ke3ciW

  5. @ABdeVilliers17 You are one of the remarkable cricketers of this era. I wish you would play the World Cup for Prote… https://t.co/aynHgEcODC

  6. @SenthamilArasuG @HMOIndia Good joke for the day... Don't spread hate speech and do you clearly have proof that it'… https://t.co/NYVdaadGjb

  7. @evamkarthik We should console ourselves by thinking that at least we are not being served poison. :-p

  8. @JoeMcNallyPhoto @SephiBergerson @silkphotos Welcome to India, Mr. Joe.

  9. RT @TimesNow: BJP rewards MLA who attended the pro-rapist rally in Kathua as Rajeev Jasrotia, who was caught on camera at the rally, has be…

  10. @Onkyo_India Can't recommend a better floor stander at this budget.. Loved it..

  11. RT @samjawed65: BJP women leaders always raised their voice on issues of women’s safety when in Opposition. Their silence now is deafening.…

  12. @minitool_ tried to recover lost partition using partition wizard and also power data recovery. It took 24 hrs to p… https://t.co/w547tOWK6M

  13. RT @INCIndia: With political discourse hitting new lows everyday, Congress President Rahul Gandhi shows how to gracefully handle detractors…

  14. RT @sardesairajdeep: I want to share this inspiring story of an Indian who didn't have to chest thump and claim he was 'honest': truth is,w…

  15. RT @chetan_bhagat: While you will be hounded with a hundred messages and threatened with account closure for not linking your Aadhar to you…

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