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  1. Cryptic_8

    Apex Legends

    It's amazing to see you got 9 kills with just around 900 damage. After seeing that gameplay, I have some tips for you. You can use if you want. While using a shotgun, try to cover and shoot. While you were using the Phoenix Kit, you can clearly see where the enemy was shooting from, but you turned right Also, while reloading/healing, don't rotate around in a tight space/corner as one side is just a wall from where no enemies can shoot at you 2nd clip, not sure why you're holding R301 and waiting for bloodhound push when you got a mastiff in hand You deployed health drone in a bad spot where you were exposed
  2. Cryptic_8

    Apex Legends

    What server did you play on?
  3. All prices are in INR Just Cause 3 - 299 Goat Simulator - 208 Titanfall 2 - 374 Mad Max - 674 God of War 3 Remastered - 749 Mortal Kombat X - 749 Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition - 299 Witcher 3 GOTY Edition - 899 Shadow of the Colossus - 624 Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - 299 Far Cry Primal - 494 Nioh - 749 Doom - 600
  4. Show this clip to a random person and they will think these cars are in real life. So excited Criterion Games is back!
  5. If Chinese phones don't bother you, wait for Oneplus Nord. It is an upcoming midrange phone from Oneplus. Even if the specs are not that good, OxygenOS will save it
  6. My Mi A1 is buggy af. Don't recommend anyone to buy Mi A series as of now
  7. My Mi A1 is buggy af. Don't recommend anyone to buy Mi A series as of now
  8. Cryptic_8

    Apex Legends

    Crypto is apparently getting a buff
  9. Cryptic_8

    Apex Legends

    Prowler rips through enemies with selectfire. R99 is very good if you have a purple mag Havoc is a god in close to mid range if you know how to control its recoil and charge up the rifle right before you face the enemy
  10. Should shops be closed compulsorily closed down for Janata Curfew?
  11. Why did you buy earbuds with S20+? To wipe off coronavirus?
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