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  1. Should shops be closed compulsorily closed down for Janata Curfew?
  2. Why did you buy earbuds with S20+? To wipe off coronavirus?
  3. I know I'm too late but Realme X2 Pro/Oneplus 7T. I would choose the latter.
  4. Waiting to play this game in 8k in Xbox Series X/PS5
  5. Don't agree with you. The Cherry MX Silent switches are stealthy quiet af.
  6. BRHeadHunter is my PSN ID Multiplayer games I play: Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Apex Legends Fortnite Warface
  7. Could play with you but PS Plus
  8. LG Ultragear 240Hz 1ms Gsync Compatible 27" Professional Gaming Monitor - 27GK750 This monitor is 240hz 1ms monitor with a TN Panel - mainly for gaming or video editing by one user. Aspect ratio is 16:9 though
  9. Try a Sony authorised service center or get a used controller
  10. The phones I own: Nokia feature phones Sony Ericsson feature phone which was a beast when it was launched Nokia Lumia - my first smartphone which was ok-ish iPhone 4 Redmi Note 4 Mi A1 Pocophone F1
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