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  1. Can't you spectate a match? If you can, the spectator could livestream it with commentary if he/she wants to
  2. Expect a price drop in RTX 2000 series cards and Ryzen 3xxx processors after some months as RTX 3000 series has launched and Ryzen 4xxx processor will be revealed on October. I don't know about other PC parts as still no vaccines/cure found for COVID-19. Consider the India-China feud too...
  3. I know a guy who bought 2070 Super for 20k used
  4. I would like to join for MP Sent from my Mi A1 using Tapatalk
  5. Will this tournament be livestreamed?
  6. There are some aspects in Payback which is better than Heat like the story and mission types. But Heat was better in terms of customisation and overall polish .
  7. Indian Pixels are delayed iirc
  8. As of now, I get 100mbps down and 10mbps up
  9. What happens if the unlimited trial plan expires before you finish your Diamond Plan Data?
  10. I did a speed test on my phone and I'm getting 98Mbps Download and 10Mbps upload
  11. Cryptic_8

    Gaming PCs

    You need 650w. Get Corsair CX650 Sent from my Mi A1 using Tapatalk
  12. Me and my homies playing spooderman on the streets
  13. Cryptic_8

    Gaming PCs

    @Ne0Idk your budget, but after seeing the posts in this thread Ideal PC Build: Ryzen 5 3600 1660 Super Asrock B450 Pro4 ATX Motherboard 8x2 GB 3200mhz RAM 1TB HDD 500GB SSD Corsair CX550 DP Matrexx 55 Add RGB Mesh/CM K501L/MSI MAG Forge 100
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