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  1. Well atleast I tried. Any good Chinese stock android phone under 25K.
  2. Hiya, folks! Any decent non-Chinese, non-Samsung android around 25K. I am tired of Samsung's bloatware and ads. Thinking about purchasing stock android. Other than Nokia there seems to be no non-Chinese stock android phones. Anyone here with experience with Nokia android phones. How's LG's UI. Is it as bad as Samsung's.
  3. Was really missing a great 3rd person shooter and bought MGS V again. What a great game. The 2nd half sucks but the gameplay is so fun. Also for a game released about 7 years back, it still holds up graphically. Konami could have relased a sandbox game with similar gameplay but instead they went with Survive. Now waiting for Rockstar to announce a upgraded RDR2. Will even pay full price for it.
  4. With Redfall and Starfield delays, I think, we are defintily getting new AAA games to gamepass. Maybe this year's COD.
  5. Played Hitman 1. Didn't like it. From the videos I have seen, Hitman 2 & 3 have same gameplay mechanics. Hitman feels like a puzzle game rather than a stealth action game.
  6. Already sold my PS4. Don't have PS5. Eiyuden Chronicle Rising is releasing tomorrow. Will try it out. If I don't like it will get either MGS or Blacklist. There's a serious lack of stealth based third person shooter. Don't like what Ubisoft has done to Ghost Recon. Tried Breakpoint, when it was free to play for a weekend. Even after the new updates, didn't like it.
  7. Played it on PS4. Really enjoyed it. Completed all but the last two missions. Was missing a good third person game for XSX. So decided why not play it again and maybe this time I'll finish it.
  8. Thought about purchasing MGS V again. It goes for about 1.9K and during sales it becomes around 500. Was monitoring it for price change hoping it will go on sale soon. Today it's price changed. It's now 2.2k
  9. Thanks for the advice, folks. Will wait for the upgraded version (if it even releases). Thought about buying Elden RIng, but I suck at souls type of games and would be a wastage of 4K rupees. Can anyone recommend me any new gen AAA third person games, which are not available on gamepass.
  10. Anybody played RDR2 over XSX. Is the 30fps too jarring compared to other games. Thinking of buying RDR2 again (this time for Xbox) as the Ultimate Edition is going for ₹1700
  11. Got my system to work again after resetting it. Played 15-30 mins of Tunic. Loving it, so far. Feels like a cuter version of Death's Door. Also tried out Shredders. Gameplay is good but I hate the cutscences and the characters. Really hate these "yolo dude" youtuber characters.
  12. Cannot install gamepass games on my xsx. Anybody else getting the same issue. EDIT: It's just not gamepass. Turns out I cannot install any games, even the ones I purchased. All my games are digital.
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