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  1. Trade with trend Raunak? Always came off as a genuine guy to me.
  2. is there any cheaper way to get ps plus (for online multi) for just a month? does sony provide some sort of trial for new users? for a friend on ps4.
  3. did this ever happen before? NSE stuck/halted for long?
  4. Pixels always had stupid hardware issues. thought 3a and 4a were exceptions. weird. whatever. iphone bessst for dubai/us prices
  5. lol this is funny. thought they have fixed such issues already. I had the notification bug on my s7 edge but also on my oneplus 7 pro. switched to iphone and been hassle free ever since. little bugs every here and then spoil the experience. had a relative calling me for tech support after buying his 7t pro complaining about whatsapp audio getting cut off when app is minimized. turned out some battery optimization sh*t is responsible. guess only pixels are devoid of such tiny nuances. edit: iirc i missed a few alarms too on my s7e. but it was a solid phone!
  6. I confirmed two times. yep no doubt dualsense does so much more and feels so much better. I agree vibrations are more powerful on the DS4, however the haptics and adaptive triggers are pretty awesome. exactly. adaptive triggers are ah then maybe I'm comparing both to the old x360 controller in my vague memory (about 10 years back). i just wish there was slightly more punch to the strength and it'd have been perfect.
  7. while the new controller is fantastic, i feel the strength of haptics and vibration is slightly underwhelming. maybe i expected more ig. with the very brief amount of time i tried DS4, i feel the new one has even weaker vibration (slightly) than the old one. analogue placement xb controller is still my favourite.
  8. played GoW on a friend's ps4 slim yesterday (for the first time) and today with my ps5. the difference is spectacular. amazing game too
  9. it's finally here. am i the last? and how do i upgrade miles morales? no other way than making a new uk account?
  10. there was a sharp correction too. it's not about 60k. but 300% return on his capital. mm let's see how it plays in the long run. I didn't want to ask him specifically. i'll ask and let you know. definitely not fixed stocks. he trades on various stocks and a while back he even used to do small caps. but like @Bird Bird Bird said market was bullish during the entire time he did small caps. in the last 30 days he made the most on apollo tyres.
  11. whoa whoa it's getting crazier. he said it's been 3 months now. two months with 100% and this month 300%. wtf is this?
  12. I'm absolutely aware of that. but he thinks it's going to be easy all the time. "300% in options is easy da" were his exact words. but still props to him. even if capital is small. 300% return on it is commendable. He says he's been profitable since 6 months at least. mind you he started less than 10 months back.
  13. It is the web page report. He first sent an ss but i insisted on a screen recording. he refreshes too. 20k is the capital. he made 65k in 29 days. he did stock options mainly.
  14. is it possible to fake zerodha pnl on video? on phone. One of my friends showed me his 300% return in the last 30 days. 300%.
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