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  1. Hi all. Anyone of u guys familiar with any reputed graphics card repair center. 3rd party as OEM companies charge an exorbitant pricing.
  2. Yes , dont even bother blocking the intake vents with mesh. The pc cabinets that comes with mesh struggle to pull in air. But the plus side u can add fans with higher rpm on pc. Whereas on ps5 its all factory stock. Just clean it up after 6 months ive heard the plastic shell is easy to remove and there is an easier access to the fan unlike xbox series x.
  3. U can try these guys from delhi itself. I got my ds4 repaired from those guys. They do console repair too . 9899216520- vgs service.
  4. Depends on how old ur ps4 is. Might be the thermal paste between the apu and the heat sink has worn out. Or massive amount of dust clogging the fan blades & heat sink. Does your ps4 sound like a jet enhine while running those above title
  5. Psu 's come with a shelf life . The power wattage thats given at the beginning will degrade over time. It drops by a tiny percentage . As newer components are added their power input is fixed but the psu struggles to give the same. Could be that change your psu either to a gold or silver class. Will last longer. Dont but any of the new gigabyte psus they are exploding.
  6. Ya thats also doable . Check out the online stores or see if u can score damaged blu ray drive where we can scavenge for parts.
  7. U can open it up. Its not a big issue. But always take care in holding the blades by either taping it or putting a qtip in between the blades. Then brush away with a toothbrush. Do not use vaccum cleaner or blower. It tends to build static. This can damage the motherboard.
  8. What is the average low fps. If its not so drastic could be your screen is locked to lower refresh rates. Thats the limitations in gaming laptops. The screens are always are a downside. If u want more frames try connecting to an external monitor with better refresh rates.
  9. From the reviews ive seen in youtube links. There is a minute difference. Might have to do with the logic board of the ps4. As the above mentioned post any 2.5" ssd works. Samsung pro is better than evo. Hope this helps.
  10. The lens is a very delicate piece . If ur willing to take the risk of taking it apart ,u can clean the lens using the IPA. If that also doesnt help. U will have to diagnose the whole drive.
  11. The bearing of the fan might be faulty. U can find replacement fans. Hope this helps.
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