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    26 minutes ago, Vamos said:


    You can’t, that’s the whole point of forcing people to buy bundles, coz otherwise no one would buy the game at full price. 


    It’s better to sell the game off to someone on TP. 

    idk yaar, reddit par poocha, most of them cancelled their gt7, i dont have those nerves :( 

  2. Hi tomorrow my classes are commencing for class 12th for JEE prep, plz suggest what should be my strategy for class 12th, according to my perspective my class 11th went very well and having no backlogs throughout the whole year, i did complete DC pandey and HC verma just once for physics, Himanshu pandey for organic chem and N Awasthi for chem, for maths i did cengage( all illustrations and single answer back exercise).. My main target is to get under 5000 rank, according to your experiences what i should do?? Everybody started their prep for jee of class 11th during lockdown so i suppose i would have same affect on most of them(not all) just like it affected me(if there were offline classes obviously i would have gotten much more prepared) 

  3. Just now, kunjanp said:

    Bro, you'll be buying in 2022, after JEE most probably, that's April 2022. So make this decision then, a lot of time for value proposition to change. You are putting effort in too early.

    lol you are very much right, from monday my coaching would commence of class 12th, and day before yesterday i looked at bethesda deal(before it i thought that microsoft atleast wont make bethesda games exclusive coz playstation userbase is too big), but after spencers statement, i went into panic mode lol..

    What do you think is there any possibility that GP could come to PS5(sounds outlandish i know) because spencer stresses that bethesda exclusivity is on platforms supporting game pass, and they are trying to force sony and nintendo to adopt it..

  4. 1 minute ago, WhatsInTheName said:



    1. make a list (in the order of priority) of games which you really want to play .

    2. check which platform those games are available in.

    3. if majority are multiplats, check which platform are those games cheaper on (both digital and disc).


    this should help you organize your thoughts. Don't buy XSX just because of gamepass or PS5 just because most people buy that. Buy the one which has the games you want to play and has them on the cheap.


    personal opinion: XSS at 35K is too costly. Keep that out of the equation unless there is a price drop. Dont buy last gen models as the QoL improvements are gamechangers. They help you get in and out of games in literally 5 seconds - perfect for people who dont get long contiguous hours to play. 

    Following your steps its very clear that obviously sony is my way to go, i have played their almost every exclusive and for me every single one of them is a system seller, they have knocked it out of park TBH this gen, and if  PS5 is too promising from very beginning, which PS4 wasnt till 2016(in my opinion), PS5 would do much better. in case of xbox its more like investing in it with an intent that the future would be bright for xbox... but for ps5 it already is 

  5. 1 minute ago, kunjanp said:

    Used game market even on IVG is mainly comprised of PS games, so it would make sense to get a Ps5 first if you want to enjoy all those exclusives and AAA games at a relatively cheaper price.

    I don't think anyone over here (or maybe a few) bought XSX to have it as the main platform for disc based games. Main reason is Gamepass and no matter who tries to convince you otherwise, at 8k for 3yrs, it's a steal. 


    I personally bought Ps5 at launch and just couple of days ago I got XSX and here's why. For me personally, there aren't any exclusives on PS which I haven't played already or any true next gen game currently. You can make the argument for Demon Soul's but I don't play those kind of games.

    So to play games outside of this set, I would have to shell out 2/3/4k per game, obviously I can sell them and end up playing a game for 500-1000 bucks but that cycle still takes time.


    There are people who generally don't play many games and that was me too but I realised that I started playing for almost 3x the time when I had access to a library such as PS collection because I didn't have to pay for each of them and put in the effort to get rid of them.

    Hence having such a huge library on GP with addition of future first party games, not to forgot the 100+hrs I will end up sinking in FH4 plus many games I am interested in, the value proposition is just too good.


    But obviously, I have time to sink in the games. If you don't get much time then GP won't be of great use for you and you are better off with Ps5.


    For replacements, the process is certainly more involved for Xbox as compared to PS but you can get it done.

    yeah the major issue for me would be time, i wont be able to play even 10% of what GP offers and i am certainly all in for ps exlcusives :) 

    Thanks a lot :) 

  6. 47 minutes ago, UxoriousHades03 said:

    Hi all, i was sure that i would buying PS5 after an year or so(in early 2022) but tables really have turned , when microsoft acquired bethesda, i was a PS4 gamer and loved almost all the single player narrative games published by them (enjoyed almost all of them), i didnt really like many bethesda games during this gen except wolfenstein :).

    I got into ps4 in 2016 so got the games at relatively cheap price but buying ps5 in 2022 would certainly meaning spending atleast 3000 for all games, which is too much. 

    During my time with PS4 the only game i bought for 4000 was RDR2(totally worth it), except it i almost got all the games for 2000 or less, xbox series is looking better in almost every way except the single player narrative games. Bethesda is also not known for such games but i really want to play starfield and ESVI. But man... game pass is so good... to be honest almost all playstation games are necessity for me and i wont like to miss out on them.. So plz suggest what shall i do. Get only one of them or getting a xss along with ps5 disc edition  (so that my main gaming platform remains playstation and could play most EA and bethesda games for cheap on game pass on xbox series s) resolution doesnt matter at all. I only have 1080p tv in my room and have no plans to upgrade it any time soon coz its Plasma :) 

    And plz tell me whether i even would have time to play all these games on ps and xbox coz i wont have time to play all games coz i would only be playing in semester breaks.. many of you could also tell me from your college and gaming experience..

    Plz suggest what should be my first choice gaming console then , i am a bit skeptical whether i would be allowed to get a second console

  7. Just now, 0verlord said:


    get XSX now, play GP games. next gen games like Dirt 5 also get added to GP. 2-3 years later buy ps5 when there is a substantial exclusives library built up with reasonable prices and many launch day hardware bugs will be solved by then in new hardware versions. I think this is an optimum management of gaming costs

    thanks i would take it into consideration :) 

  8. And do you find game pass to be really worth it , it surely looks inticing , but are there enough quality games coz PS PLUS is trying its best with its monthly games and its PS plus collection as well. And plz tell me about xbox after sales service like controller replacement( that happeneed with me when my ps4 was in warranty as well, they replaced it for me and it was very near to my residence so no issues from sony's side) and to be honest what i think is even indians are more into playstation so used games would be cheaper as well 

  9. Could plz someone clarity whats sony's strategy regarding their exclusives coz it seems that they are going to port many more games to PC , some are even pointing at ghost of tsushima to PC. If all PS exclusives are eventually say 2-3 years going to be ported to PC, it would change my decision to buy ps5 instead of series x less justifiable 

  10. 4 minutes ago, playstationdude said:

    Get a ps5 now and a series x 2 years down when it becomes cheaper. You'll not see a new bethesda game before 2022 anyway and the current ones for 2021 are already releasing on ps5.

    from your experience what do you think that at this stage does gamepass have any single player narrative games (though i desperately want to play Forza horizon 4)

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