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  1. 21 minutes ago, AnK said:

    Obsidian’s last Core project was Grounded….which is a GaaS.


    Arkane’s last Project was Redfall…..which was a failed GaaS


    Bethesda Studio’s last Project before Starfield was FO76….which was a GaaS


    Zenimax as a company has a forte in GaaS…..last being ESO.


    Activision-Blizzard has made a name of itself off of GaaS.


    even smaller studios like Undead Labs & PlayGround Games are into GaaS


    f**k even Ninja Theiry’s last game was Bleeding Edge….a F2P GaaS :rofl: 


    Halo is a F2P GaaS now….so is Rare’s Sea Of Theaves.


    M$ Gaming is selectively picking all the GaaS & Subscription material.


    Cherry picking projects now. 


    All those studios make SP games and now have GAAS title experience under their belt as well. Something all studios are trying to achieve. 


    Doesn't mean everything they make will be GAAS. Obsidian and Ninja Theory both are making SP titles now. 

  2. 1 minute ago, AnK said:

    That’s the whole point I was making.


    In today’s scenario any child can guess why AI generation tools are so important….specially in M$ Gaming’s case.



    MS gaming is especially looking forward to offload it all to AI? 


    That's some leap of logic. Or bias. 


    1 minute ago, AnK said:


    They are completely transitioning into a GaaS/Subscription entity.


    Most of their studios don't make GAAS games. 


    They have a ton of gems like Obsidian, Double Fine, most of Bethesda etc. 

  3. 1 hour ago, AnK said:

    ^^I don’t expect campaign games like:-


    God Of War

    Metal Gear Solid

    Resident Evil

    Prince Of Persia

    Devil May Cry

    Shadow of The Collosus

    Grand Theft Auto

    Ninja Gaiden

    Heavenly Sword

    Ratchet & Clank


    Assasins Creed Trilogy


    Dead Space

    Mass Effect trilogy

    Gears Trilogy

    Halo (Bungie ones)

    Alan Wake

    Splinter Cell


    Metro series


    Call of Duty (MW & BO series)

    Batman Arkham Trilogy

    Portal 1&2

    Crysis Trilogy

    Hitman Series

    LA Noir 

    Quantic Dream Trilogy

    RDR series

    TLOU series

    & many more 


    to flourish much with the direction industry has taken……it’ll be all GaaS & Subscription based continuing content  from now on.



    AI is a tool that developers can use. How they use it is upto them. 

  4. 28 minutes ago, RV1709 said:



    the whole premise of gamepass is quantity over quality so I can see why starfield is the way it is 



    Dude is spouting nonsense. 


    End game consists of weapon crafting/armour crafting/ship building/outpost building to become more and more powerful. 


    1000 planets has nothing to do with it. 


    Played 60 hrs means mainlined story. And maybe a faction quest storyline. Haven't done much outside of that. 

  5. 29 minutes ago, AnK said:

    It started life as a full procedurely generated design.

    But later changed into the conversational Bethesda quest/exploration design.


    That’s why it couldn’t do either up to the standards of other more focused games.

    Bethesda shouldn’t have deviated from there core strength in neither FO76 nor Starfield.


    Hope ES6 elevates the genre beyond The Witcher 3(where it’s stuck) rather than pulling more deviated stunts.




    How do you know it was fully procedurally generated before?? 


    Also they have built some very cool systems for this game. It's a proper step forward in a lot of ways. Brand new quest design/ exploration design. Obviously not perfect, need some work. 


    I did finish both Skyrim and Witcher 3 back to back before starting this. Difference is the same. Story driven vs system driven design. 


    Just look at skill tree in Skyrim, way more mature and full fledged. Witcher 3 is way simpler game with graphics/ music/ characters doing heavy lifting. Skyrim is all about simulation elements, how you can interact with them and do a lot of cool things. 

  6. 31 minutes ago, AnK said:

    So what are your thoughts on @Vaibhavp continuously referring this game as a small AA project?!? :naughty:


    They did amazing stuff in Control as well. It's budget was 35 million, AA title. 


    This time they have Epics backing. But I don't expect budget to be much higher. 

  7. 53 minutes ago, Ne0 said:


    Thanks guys.  I feel it’sa good game, but a missed opportunity to be a great game. I think instead of going the ‘No man’s sky’ way with ~1000 planets, maybe, limiting the scope to a couple of well developed star systems with a dozen or so planets with good variety and depth would’ve been better.


    I think they are still working on gameplay loop on this. Its first game of this type so understandable. 


    They have developed a pretty elaborate end game system, but need to iron out exploration hook. 


    I feel some small, unique stories on planet surfaces will greatly motivate you to go out and explore every system. 


    That's the only thing I wanted added. It will be perfect for me after that. 


    On side note, I am still addicted to this game. Yesterday I fired it up. Spent some time doing minor activities. Still feel great. 


  8. 44 minutes ago, AnK said:

    There just makes no sense in investing in a year old COD game for multiplayer.


    It’s just like FIFA,NFL,MLB,WWE,Destiny etc.


    Buying older game has no value.


    Which hurting more…..I could have easily bought MW2 & these maps….

    …..for much cheaper.


    But because Papu wanted to hurt Sony…..he felt absolutely normal to hurt COD & it’s userbase!!


    What pathetic shitshow yet again!!! 


    I want some cod multiplayer back in my life & I have no other option.


    This is not a given. Last time they releases a mid cod, community stayed with older game. (MW) I think. 

  9. 2 hours ago, AnK said:

    BR is not part of annual release anymore.

    MW3 price doesn’t include that.

    Also the Multiplayer maps are remastered old maps…..nothing new.

    Most probably created for release with MW2Remaster but then held off & planned DLC of MW2 2022.


    Zombies is also something put together in few months just for the sake of it.



    One can clearly see that this is not a $70 package that BO4 was.

    But you are obviously clueless as to what that was & what this is….


    You are the one who has pre ordered it. 


    Should cancel it IMO and play MW2 to send a message. 


    Nobody should spend $70 on it if it's not good. 


    On 11/3/2023 at 12:24 PM, AnK said:

    MSX2Games is selling for 5299/- all of a sudden.

    If anyone interested….


    Pre-Ordered with Cash On Delivery.



    Let’s see.


  10. 5 minutes ago, Kazarka said:

    Lyon worked on Dishonoured games with some collaboration with Austin team


    Austin worked entirely on Redfall.


    And im pretty sure Jason revealed that Austin wanted MS to cancel the project but MS decided to go ahead just to put a game in Gamepass? 


    Austin made Prey. So, not a B team. 


    Not sure if they wanted to cancel it. Currently they are working full time on it. If they wanted to cancel it, would've happened long time ago. 

  11. 2 minutes ago, Kazarka said:


    And Arkane has multiple studios, Redfall was made by their B team not by Dishonoured team. We should not write them off based on 1 bad game. 


    Redfall wasn't made by B team. LMAO. 


    There is no B team. 


    It lacked direction. Upper management used to change their requirement on weekly basis. That's what Schrier said in his piece. 

  12. 8 hours ago, Kazarka said:

    Gonna wait for Gamepass drop. Doesn’t make sense to buy first party games when i have active subscription till 2025.


    They have said it won't come to gamepass as of now. 


    But i think it's best to wait for this game. These expansions will cost 1500-2k a pop. Base game is 4k. Battle pass on top of that. It's a ridiculous investment. 


    Will wait for about 3 of these to drop. Then will get in with a full package. Game will be properly balanced with ridiculous amount of content by that time. I expect this game to be properly epic once all is said and done. 

  13. 6 minutes ago, zoord said:

    Pentiment is amazing. Ending is bit shallow but overall  the characters which you interact throughout the story in the village and how each character story changes and progress through 3 decade because of your choice is surreal to experience. Art style is unique and soothing for the eye too.


    Ending is in line with historical setting and what people have done. 

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