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  1. Ye, I know. I have been with them folks since evolve days. At that time they would use evolve too hunt online on ppsspp, was fun times. Now it got too big and well, I kinda stopped after the mhw release.
  2. Yea, most of the black dragons like alatreon or fatalis were end game boss for online multiplayer only in previous gen. Capcom didn't even marketed them as such, and they were still popular among players. Now, you can just get one copy on ppsspp and play online with hunsterverse network for old psp mh games like mhfu or mf3prd. Also, I had great luck with respect to my save would crash each time I reached G rank. Happened thrice too, kek.
  3. Ok so, from what I know, fatalis is quite resistant to blast, and quite weak against dragon element. So, personally I feel alatreon weapons are better for extra sharpness and high dragon element.
  4. Alatreon and fatalis has to be best fights in game personally. Also, solo alatreon is really fun, although kinda easier than multiplayer.
  5. For fatalis, personally I would say go with great sword, alatreon great sword. Augmentation is a must, I died a lot and still do as I haven't been able to grind in guiding lands for materials for augmentation. It took me like 6-7 hrs of dying just to get my first kill, because I still don't have materials for augmentation and well to max out my damage I was using safi set without the health augment. So, won't recommend going unprepared like I did. Also, if you don't wanna go blind would recommend this guide by Gaijin hunter. At the start would recommend using flinch shot and focusing on head to break its heads easier, add in part breaker for easy part break for the fight, also add in heavy artillery jewel to mow him down with weapons around the arena.
  6. @Ethan_Hunton ps4 only have i3 laptop with integrated graphics so only indie stuff on laptop
  7. Getting a awakened ability is quite a grind honestly. getting weapons is easier than kulve taroth weapons, but awakened abilities.... Anyways, would recommend this guide: It should cover most of your doubts.
  8. are player still active for siege on steam? Although if I remember correctly, they scale safi as per the no. of people in the quest now. else it was recommended to have atleast 8 people in a lobby to farm it easily.
  9. No no. You can't roll when gunlance is unsheathe. You rather hop as per the directional input. So, to cover more distance you need evade extender and for better iframes well evade up. Something along the lines of this video:
  10. This is the gunlance build, I use for the backhopping.
  11. I can understand why you think that lol. but it is one of the fastest way to catch up to monsters in a fight granted you have certain skills, like evade extender and one more, I think evade timing iirc. With that you shall be backhopping like mad man, giving no space to the monsters. I'll share the build later on. Also backhopping to defeat a monster is hella of a fun
  12. Ye range weapons are fun. Especially if you have your decorations. Lol is understandable. When I first started playing Monster hunter games, I had trouble with Great Sword too and quickly switched to dual blades or other fast weapons. But then, weapon like great sword or hammer with their long arse animation, do make it good to learn monster movements.
  13. Satania

    Lost Judgment

    Zero works on upgraded ishin engine while judgement on dragon engine, like yakuza 6.
  14. What manga you guys reading this days?
  15. For me its GS. Makes the fight easier to manage and also hitting true charge slash on his head is satisfying as f**k.
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