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  1. If they played textbook Cricket there it would have not gone to the last two balls , even if it did the equation would have been 2 of 2 balls where pressure is on the bowling side. Shakib was trying premeditated shots (scoop) from the very first ball
  2. Damn didnt think of this . Your thinking transcends mine ?
  3. My bets are on DC to win this one just to lose to csk in the final.
  4. why would i play these decade old gta games rockstar when i can play gta v on my ps10 ?
  5. Um HI !! my name's Aditya that starts with double a(s) making it Aaditya My identity is a spiderman Dp on every platform however that doesnt mean I have played spiderman ps4 because i havent So i came across this community today and i signed up for it ,.......... and thats it for the intro
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