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  1. 1 hour ago, CarbonCore said:

    After watching Prey..



    Videos like this and others that got mad because they put a 120 pound woman against a predator, they aged like milk lol.


    3 minutes ago, dante77 said:

    What bullshit. Skimmed through as I don't have time to watch this all but he seems to be another trigger-y person who just wants to say something different for the sake of it. 


    Muscular rugged men or skinny woman. A good movie should be appreciated! 

    This dude is a massive wanker and always cries about wahmen destroying movies

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  2. 1 hour ago, STICK3Rboy said:


    I liked the mandibles. The eyes were a little goofy though.

    They apparently thought of this Predator as being a different breed from a different hemisphere of the planet. Pretty interesting.


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    Yeah , there are different species as per yatuja lore , with their own hierarchy 

  3. Watched PREY, really good movie. Loved the new predator design as it looks more feral than its counterpart in other movies. Also they did a great job with the devolution of classic weapons like the combistick and plasmacaster, even the cloak is not as good as the jungle hunter had.


     The actress was also pretty good , but most of the other characters were undercooked and were just cannon fodder to be ganked by the predator.


    They also subverted expectations with a few key Predator ideas which was cool to see and they also breadcrumb’d the first 2 movies which was great.


    Not too bothered with the CG which I thought was decent enough, probably they did their best considering the budget. Gotta give props to the clean visual and audio design.


    All in all, it’s a 8 ripped out spines out of 10 for me, hopefully the make another one with samurais or ninjas

  4. 24 minutes ago, STICK3Rboy said:



    Also, people used to crap on Predator 2 a lot, but it's been getting some love recently. I think it's a lot of fun and unlike anything that comes out these days.

    So give that a shot too when you can.




    also switching from a actual jungle to the concrete jungle with a predator that is a bit more 'angry' that usual was a good change.


    FYI, there is a breadcrumb in PREY to references both movies apparently

  5. 54 minutes ago, silv3rgunn3r said:

    After upgrading my tv, Wanted to play games on my tv too. So i sold my lite and bought a used v1 switch on gamenation for 16k. Damn playing on tv is so awesome. :wub:


    If you want to dock and try games on full screen I'd suggest getting a regular switch


    Even though games don't run in 4k they look so nice on the TV.


    On olx you can get even get the regular switch for 12-13k 





    I wont be playing on the TV much. the switch would be more for travel. and tbh I cant be bothered with OLX

  6. So a member on Reset was able to condense a 81 page letter sent by MS to Commerce Commission in New Zealand explaining why the acquisition of Activision Blizzard should be legally fine


    pasted below



    I finally had time to read the full notice (81 pages) that Microsoft sent to the Commerce Commission in New Zealand explaining why the acquisition of Activision Blizzard should be legally fine.

    Almost all the interesting info is blocked for confidentiality reasons :S For example, there are almost 2 pages of blank space where MS explains the commercial reasons for the acquisition.

    Anyway, there are some cool pieces of info beyond the legal reasoning:

    - MS says that they have 24 first-party development studios (because they also count Casual Games Suite as one, the developers of Solitaire, Mahjong or Sudoku). So, we have to update the OT :p

    - Tencent is constantly mentioned (23 times), as well as Sony and how the new PS Plus offering is a Gamepass competitor.

    - Lots of references to new entrants in the video game market (Apple, Netflix, Amazon, Meta, Google, Nvidia, etc), how easy is nowadays to start a studio and create a super successful game even with just one developer (for example, Flappy Bird is mentioned).

    - Valve and Epic are also mentioned quite a bit as competitors post-transaction.

    - Call of Duty, World of Warcraft and Candy Crushrepresented 82% of Activision Blizzard's 2021 net revenue :o You can bet that those franchises are going to remain multiplatform in the future.

    - The only Japanese publishers mentioned as competitors post transaction are Nintendo and Bandai Namco, no mention of SEGA, Capcom, Konami, Square Enix, etc. In fact, they also include Roblox or CD Projeckt RED as competitors. It makes economical and legal sense because CD Projeckt RED was Europe's most valuable game company in 2020 and Roblox had around 190 million average monthly players in 2021. But I find it funny how for MS all those Japanese publishers are just a "long tail of smaller competitors". :p

    - Lots of talks about how online display advertising, cloud services and merchandising are also relevant markets for this acquisition, but that they don't believe that the transaction could cause competition problems in those markets. They also say that there is nothing unique about the video games developed and published by Activision Blizzard that is a "must have" for rival PC and console video game distributors. So, that a new competitor could do what they do and be successful (that's true but not everyone has +3000 developers working on a single IP). :p


  7. 3 minutes ago, Bird Bird Bird said:


    BTW, pray tell me would Sony have launched any sub service had it not been for Gamepass ?

    That’s why competition is good, MS understood that their ways of operating is not getting them anywhere. Gamepass is great, no one is taking away from that.

    But do you need to flame console wars to compete?

    Let your product, services and games do the talking instead of hiring drones to talk sh*t


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