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  1. Asking for performance reviews is also a good way to know whom to poach
  2. This…..and FK TURN BASED COMBAT
  3. Imho, the anti glare is not necessary. I have the 256GB and have a screen protector on
  4. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2023-01-31/microsoft-studio-343-industries-undergoing-reorganization-of-halo-game-franchise Key points from jschreier
  5. Snake

    Resident Evil 4

    Now all we need is to see the merchant and he has the same voice actor
  6. https://www.gamesindustry.biz/sony-we-have-not-cut-ps-vr-2-production-numbers Not the first time the same reporter has held the L for making up stories regarding Playstation. Infact it was the same guy who said that Sony is producing 2 mil units, something that sony never confirmed
  7. Xpigeons just angry because all they got from the halo show is master chiefs nekkid butt
  8. You know the article which said that The Boys had more viewers that all of the Marvel shows. Guess who is one of the production companies and its distributors??
  9. PS Plus February (rumours): OlliOlli World, Evil Dead, Mafia Definitive Edition, D2: Beyond Light
  10. In the article COMMS BOSS CLAIMS SIE IS “BRIEFING PEOPLE IN BRUSSELS CLAIMING MICROSOFT IS UNWILLING TO OFFER THEM PARITY” So he’s not even connected to the actual sale or in discussions with CMA/FTC/EC. He claims…. Also lol at his tweet “I hear Sony is briefing people in Brussels claiming Microsoft is unwilling to offer them parity for Call of Duty if we acquire Activision,” wrote Frank X. Shaw I hear So no evidence, no proof, nothing. Just I heard, trust me bro
  11. https://www.ign.com/articles/phil-spencer-interview-2023 Hi-fi Rush shadowdrop: Forza delay: under peformance of xbox/ slowing gamepass growth: layoffs: 343 situation: Activision:
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