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  1. Dunno if this is the right thread or not. A buddy of mine is in Dubai right now and wants to buy himself a iPhone and Apple Watch. He wanted to know if either of them have intl warranty and if its cheaper to buy there or back in India?
  2. PS4 pro vid https://thumbs.gfycat.com/PinkFittingBoaconstrictor-mobile.mp4 https://giant.gfycat.com/ClutteredWeirdAmethystgemclam.mp4 https://giant.gfycat.com/BeautifulAthleticGartersnake.mp4
  3. I’m just messing with you man
  4. How can you upgrade from UC3 to UC4??
  5. https://giant.gfycat.com/VapidBareDore.mp4
  6. Snake

    Yakuza 0

    The perfect video to describe how amazing Y0 is
  7. too bad it doesn’t release in nov-dec
  8. Snake

    Elden Ring

    will wait for gamepass 😝
  9. but the fanboys need someone to troll, don’t matter who it is
  10. Not the first time it has happened to him
  11. Unlocked. Let the sh*t posting continue
  12. lol arrested. Americans and their 2nd amendment right to bear arms BS
  13. Takashi Mochizuki in April 2020: Sony Plans Limited PlayStation 5 Output in First Year The company has told assembly partners it would make 5 to 6 million units of the PS5 in the fiscal year ending March 2021, according to other people involved in the machine's supply chain To this Takashi Mochizuki in July 2020: Sony reportedly boosts PS5 production by 50 percent from 5 - 6 million to 10 million And then to this Takashi Mochizuki in Sep 2020 Sony Cuts PlayStation 5 Forecast by 4 Million Due to Chip Woes In April Sony plans on producing 5 to 6 million, then in July they increase to 10 million then 3 months later, Sony revises its plan of producing 10 million and now expected to produce 15 million units in the fiscal year but then cut their production by 4 million down to 11 million because of 50% production yield issues?
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