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  1. Snake

    Project G.G.

    Why does this make meet think of Ultraman?
  2. Anything over $499/50k will be a very hard sell. Pricing and games are everything when it comes to consoles.
  3. It's a matter of taste, you like patanjali while others like maggi. Also there's nothing 'natural' about any kind of instant noodles.
  4. These instant noodles are cheap, we are paying for the ludicrous import taxes. I never asked for anyone to eat them all the time. I simply asked them to try it as they are simply better.
  5. Never liked maggi...but yeah Top Ramen etc was very popular when I was in school. But when I got older I bought some important instant noodles. The following difference was staggering. Eat a pack every few months or when there no food at home ( which is rare).
  6. Then in that case even patanjali and maggi/top ramen is not needed. Eat non processed food.
  7. Ya'll need to try Nongshim Ramyun. Problem with Chings, Top Ramen and Maggi (trash) is that if you overcook it by a little. Its becomes mushy. They just taste bad.
  8. How may here have a mechanical keyboard?? If so, are they from one of big manufacturers like Corsair, cooler master etc. What kind of keys did you get for it? How did you pay for it?? And finally, is it worth it Need to buy one, primary use is Gaming and light office work, excel, PPT etc @ALPHA17 @harjas and anyone else in the know
  9. lol just kidding bro, congrats on the little one.
  10. No doubt, but I'd rather not get grief from my fam.
  11. Need a recommendation for a mechanical keyboard. don't need a lot of RGB. just backlit is enough. Should not be too noisy, dummy want to wake up people sleeping while I game
  12. I have the MB511 RGB version... is really good and has good airflow
  13. right now is difficult to recommend AMD cards. stick with Nvidia for now, for a 2060/2060S
  14. Unfortunately no branches close to where we live.
  15. Hey guys, I need to open an account for my mom. Whats the best bank to do so? I currently have a HDFC salary account, would it make sense to open a savings account there? or is there another bank like Citi or Axis (prefer not to open with ICICI, really bad experience with them.) She also wants to open a FD. so need some help with people who are in the know.
  16. I bought the AT621/14... is an old model since I bought it in 2015. I keep my beard short like s 5 o clock shadow and do a wet shave. no irritation or burns. Works well in a pinch as a dry shaver as well.
  17. I got the aqua touch 3 years ago, still use it. works great for both wet and dry shaves. But with such shavers, the shorter the beard the better.
  18. Snake

    Doom Eternal

    I dont buy anything from the mircrosoft store.
  19. Snake

    Death Stranding

    Yes, you can still be pinged,chased and captured by the other mules if you enter their territory. Ans 2. They will only chase you within their boundary, marked in yellow on the map
  20. Snake

    Doom Eternal

    Aisa kaunsa job hai bhai?
  21. Snake

    Death Stranding

    Any materials/delivery you carry is a target on your. 90% of the times there will be a postbox built by another player. Dump everything in there, except your bola gun, non lethal rifle and some nades if you need them. Then just storm them and loot the camp to your hearts content. PS: Do not try this is the other type of enemies which you will meet later on.
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