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  1. Frances Townsend, who also serves as executive vice president of corporate affairs, leaves two years after taking her role. After Friday, she will become an adviser to the board and to the chief executive officer, Bobby Kotick. So like a lateral movement
  2. cool then, hopefully they put the same effort into HL3
  3. let the mods decide on who needs to be banned and when
  4. Those ready to game PCs still don’t have PS exclusives which is the biggest reason people buy consoles, plus ready to game PCs are still available, but there are not many takers. Consoles are not going anywhere
  5. Doubt it. People who want to play PS studio games or timed exclusives day 1 will do so anyway and not wait 6-12 months to play on PC. Sony is not doing day 1 PC yet and don’t think it’ll happen soon
  6. Saudi Arabia to invest $37 billion in gaming, including $13 billion "for the acquisition of a leading game publisher" Saudi Wealth funds already has significant stakes into major companies like Nintendo, EA, Take Two, Capcom and Activison. This could be about a mobile gaming publisher although considering their previous investments it's more likely they're going after a company more into PC/console gaming. Owning a major publishers tho is not something they have done before AFAIK (SNK is owned by a different organization). https://www.reuters.com/world/middle-east/saudi-wealth-funds-savvy-games-group-invest-378-billion-2022-09-29/
  7. did they forget to add a 0 in the ps5 patch number?
  8. Snake


    Welp, just started this game on the other hand Colts VA is killing it
  9. So it seems flippykart is cancelling iPhone 13 orders, people are pissed
  10. Thought so, plus it wont cost a pretty penny.
  11. I'll be sticking to 1080 as I usually play very little on PC, wonder what's a good GPU to pair up with my 5600x
  12. Snake

    Elden Ring

    pre-owned bhi chalega, but it's still 3k
  13. Snake

    Elden Ring

    Im still looking for a cheap copy, no where to be found 😢
  14. Are the nator bros gonna be there?? if yea, then the beta is not working for me
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