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  1. MS buying Sega would probably be the worst decision Sega makes since most of their sales are on non MS consoles Want MGS1 or Syphon Filter remake, will be disappointed if its DeS Only if they go with XGP or PSNow will it be of any worth
  2. Snake

    The Last of Us 2

  3. Snake

    The Last of Us 2

    New infected. But you'll not know what they are unless you play the game
  4. Started watching Betaal now, not expecting much after reading the comments here lol
  5. Silent Hill is definitely true, dont give a damn amount DeS, think its a waste. What I want is a MGS1 remake.
  6. Some amazing chicken samosasa made by mom
  7. Lol, posting something from 2019 to create some drama here. Please keep your fanboyism away from this thread atleast
  8. Thanks for the input guys, I'll probably wait till all this settles down
  9. I have no idea on what they cost, but am also worried about the cost of games and the drift issue
  10. Ryan Renoldt aint going anywhere near the Green Lantern character. But there are 2 other lanterns in the beginning Snyder also released a new pic of Ryan Choi ( The new Atom). There will be a lot of changes an and I'm all for it.
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