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  1. US PS Plus is on sale at CDKeys for great price. It stacks as well https://www.cdkeys.com/playstation-network-psn/playstation-plus/1-year-playstation-plus-membership-ps3-ps4-ps-vita-digital-code
  2. It's on the ground as well. Rohit mentioned it yesterday.
  3. Brazil has lot of weird taxes, so the price is expected to be on the higher side.
  4. Then prepared to be surprised it will easily sell 7-8 million in the first quarter. I don't think 15 million is an official figure.
  5. Haha yeah. It's a completely different feeling to open a new console on launch day. BTW there are still many things Sony needs to show like the UI, backward compatibility gains and Cerny promised one more hardware deep dive. The PS Plus collection looks good for someone who didn't have PS4 this generation.
  6. Yes, I think the Miles Morales expansion was already in the works. Since GG would have started on Horizon sequel way back in 2017, they would be targeting the PS4 to begin with. I really don't see India getting a lot of PS5 consoles this year. And there is absolutely no reason to buy the PS5 on launch unless your PS4 is dying.
  7. So old members can't vote on this forum anymore? EDIT: I did post in the Prince of Persia thread but people were making fun of English and typing skills so I didn't visit again.
  8. I think it looks decent for an AA type of game. It's also Alpha footage so will only improve. I don't think it's a talent problem, it could be just what they are going for.
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