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  1. hitman02in

    Back 4 Blood

    can you elaborate a bit please ? i was hoping they would show some pvp footage soon and to re-live the pvp fun from l4d2. although i am skeptical because of the small number of special infected - and also it was always going to be hard to match the balance and fun of l4d2. charging people out of windows and pulling them to ledges in the maps designed specifically keeping versus in mind was great fun . but i would like to know why you are saying its not even close to l4d.
  2. can always try on steam for 2 hours anyway. can refund if you dont like it.
  3. if you get it later on you probably wont get the definitive edition for free. but thats not so important i guess. the 2nd game is probably not worth investing any money . looks like a lazy remaster anyway.
  4. steam store page says summer 2020 steam
  5. coming to steam soon - Store Page
  6. epic is offering competitive rates for now because they need publishers and games to come to their platform - not out of any fairness principles. if they manage to sink their teeth in properly - i will not be that surprised if they increase their share to be something closer to steam after a few years. if they were offering the same rate (right now) and not throwing money at the publishers - not a single 3rd party game would be exclusive for their platform.
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