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  1. hitman02in

    Sea of Thieves

    can always try on steam for 2 hours anyway. can refund if you dont like it.
  2. if you get it later on you probably wont get the definitive edition for free. but thats not so important i guess. the 2nd game is probably not worth investing any money . looks like a lazy remaster anyway.
  3. steam store page says summer 2020 steam
  4. hitman02in

    Sea of Thieves

    coming to steam soon - Store Page
  5. epic is offering competitive rates for now because they need publishers and games to come to their platform - not out of any fairness principles. if they manage to sink their teeth in properly - i will not be that surprised if they increase their share to be something closer to steam after a few years. if they were offering the same rate (right now) and not throwing money at the publishers - not a single 3rd party game would be exclusive for their platform.
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