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  1. I think they'll make big changes to the story in season 2 esp Abby & Joels arc. The original pitch by ND is that Abby infiltrates into their town, tracks him down & possibly even has a romantic encounter with Joel before they play golf. Final game has them randomly meeting one fateful day. 


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  2. On 3/3/2023 at 1:25 PM, harsh1387 said:

    And he did this 6 times for the perfect shot.


    Our actors can't even dream of doing this.


    It's unbelievable that the insurance & financing company is even letting him do this given the risks. In bollywood only Akshay used to do this & that too back before he was a big star. One of his  khiladi film has him on the plane several feet above the ground. Was a big story back then. Today the actors driving cars are also green screened. 

  3. The movement & combat looks 10x more smoother than Gotham turds. A lot will simply depend on how fun it is to actually play it & Rocksteady will do well if they start public testing months before the release and take player feedback & implement it. bungie did something similar with destiny and the gameplay loop was perfect by release. 


    Fingers crossed. 

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