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  1. Congrats to Nintendo on their amazing job on the Switch. Guess what Time Magazine's #1 gadget of 2017 is... that's some amazing competition up in that list too! http://time.com/5029999/top-10-gadgets-2017/
  2. Thanks! I got it from an old contact of mine who's been in the industry of buying/selling games for the past 7-8 years. Impressions on the console itself... easily the best Nintendo console i've owned. Started young when I was in the US, with the original Game Boy, NES, the SNES, GB Advance, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 64, and the Gamecube... enjoyed them all, but I can't recall them being more fun than the limited hours i've spent with the Switch so far. I was never a part of the "Wii" or "3Ds" Nintendo Generation, so I was blown away by the graphics on the Switch. The last portable gaming system I owned was a PS Vita, which obviously pales in comparison as far as graphics, screen resolution and the game library are concerned. While games like Killzone, Uncharted and Gravity Rush were fun, I found the choice of games very limited compared to the library I already have on the Switch. That said, while I'm not a fan of the Switch's bezels and overall size/weight (felt it could be a bit more optimized), the games are a joy to play and it truly feels like a "Portable Home Console". Being a huge fan of both the NBA 2K series and Rocket League, it's amazing that i'm able to carry them and play them on the go (RL in the next 2 weeks!!). Fills a huge gap which hasn't been manageable by iOS/Android gaming to date (surprisingly). While i've barely been able to play the games at length (responsibilites, responsibilities...) - my general quick-thoughts on the games are as follows: - Mario Odyssey - played half an hour, just beautiful... throws me back to how I first felt playing Mario 64 on the N64 when it first came out in the late 90s. Not a huge fan of the motion joycon cappy controls, but oh well. - NBA 2K18 - amazingsauce... having the 2K experience on the go without having to resort to 2K China's yearly iterations on the iOS / Android ports are a blessing. - Splatoons 2 - playing through the initial SP Campaign to learn the ropes - amazing portable experience. Tried one online game and obviously got slaughtered. Looking forward to spending more time with this. - Mario Kart - my favorite so far <3 Haven't touched SP, jumped into online games from the get-go... surprisingly easy matchmaking and 100% reliable so far. Quick and easy, the way it should be. Amazingly fun! - Zelda - haven't even tried it yet! Overall super satisfied with the Switch experience so far - anyone who may be on the fence about buying the console, take the plunge.
  3. Became a proud Switch owner over the weekend. Snagged Odyssey, MK8, NBA 2K18 and Zelda. Between work and life responsibilities playtime is scarce, but looking forward to trying them out more in the near future.
  4. Thanks... and for different games it isn't an issue to buy them from different countries on the same account? ie: If I buy SMO from the SA store and then Mario Kart 8 from another store... any issues?
  5. Hey there! Getting a new Switch today and wanted your recommendation which Store I should set my Nintendo account to - I have an International ICICI Debit Card that usually works on any and every other online store, so I assume it would work here... but does one region provide price benefits over another? What store should I ideally set it to since there's no "India Store"?
  6. Are all games in general, available on the Mexico store? Are prices better, and do Indian Debit Cards (ICICI, etc) work with International purchases on it enabled?
  7. Hey everyone... i'm on the verge of getting a Switch today. Getting Zelda, NBA 2K18 and thinking about Mario + Rabbids Battle and of course, Mario Odyssey tomorrow. Question: What country should I create my Nintendo account on to buy digital games from (Indian Debit Card, intl. purchases enabled)? USA / Canada / Europe / Hong Kong - does it make a difference
  8. KiranB28

    Diablo 3

    I'm a long time Diablo 2 veteran, and played a lot of D3 during the RMAH days. Took a break and got back into the game when Seasons started. Played Seasons 1-3, then got bored... hah. Haven't played since, I believe... though the Necromancer pack is calling to me. It's pretty bad timing re: the Necro pack vs. Season 11 though - the S10 length should have been adjusted and/or the Necro Pack should have been planned to launch at the same time a new Season was starting IMO. I'm probably going to dive into the game tonight anyways - anyone interested in going COOP through the story mode with me can add me at KiranB#1453 on BNet
  9. Started a GOG ID Thread too! Do share, whoever plays Gwent here
  10. Hey everyone - since GOG has released its' own client (similar to Steam), feel free to post your IDs here! https://www.gog.com/galaxy Moreso than others, Gwent is gaining a lot of ground + popularity. Add each other so we can get some friendlies going! My ID is: KiranB
  11. What's your GOG + Steam name?
  12. Started TW3 2 weeks ago, thanks to Gwent. Can't believe I was stupid enough to let this fly under my radar for so long. Best f**king game i've played in my 15+ years of gaming... FFS, so so good. 55 hours, barely did any side quests (first playthrough) and almost finished the base game. Looking forward to dive in to the expansions soon + replay the game w/ side quests next month onwards. ... maybe, if I don't get sucked in again by D3 and the Necro pack
  13. BTW Joe - can you edit the title to add "Game" at the end of "Gwent: The Witcher Card"?
  14. But things ARE better! They're offering a SALE ON BURNT OUT UN'GORO CARD PACKS NOW! lmao
  15. Hey Joe... and everyone. Wow it's been a while since i've been back here. I'm pretty tired out by HS and in love with Gwent. Add me on GOG if you want to play sometime! Username: KiranB What are your guys' MMR in ranked at the moment?
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