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  1. Played Azaan bhai Lost both 4-2 4-3
  2. Played Sanwal Won 3-2 Drew 5-5 wp bro. You got me in the second almost.
  3. Played Akhil Won, Rahul 3-1 Akhil Lost, Rahul 1-3 Akhil Wp buddy You gave me my first win. Thank you!!!
  4. Played Sarwaan Lost 4-2 Lost 5-1 Wp bro.
  5. This was a unique Tourney, kudos to Bharat bhai! for the idea. All guyz were such a sport, finishing their matches in time. Looking forward to many more. Congrats @SarwaanM for the win!! You deserved it.
  6. Name : Rahul PSN ID : psychic_ANIMAL Team: Barcelona
  7. Played Sarwaan Lost 2-3 in QF. WP mate.
  8. Add me up please. Name : Rahul Malhotra ID : psychic_ANIMAL
  9. Hey, let me know if you want to play today.
  10. League games after 9.30PM IST today?
  11. Duh, excuses. Anyways, it was fun to play Bharat Bhai.
  12. Name: Rahul Malhotra PSN ID : psychic_ANIMAL Team: Lyon
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