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  1. 9 hours ago, VelivolusDas said:


    I wouldn't mind that at all... I absolutely loved AC1!


    But, I know it has its issues and most people didn't like it back in the day!

    i am one of those who loved it and n finished it multiple times, 100%. i used to be a pirate but liked this game so much that i used all my savings and bought an original copy from ebay, my first ever. big fan of Altair :D

  2. On 4/23/2023 at 10:03 AM, radicaldude said:

    Looking for Chacha Chowdhary's complete raka series, in English. would love to have them physically, but for now, even pdf .cbr would do. any leads where I may find it?

    quality of physical copies of diamond comics available in market is simply pathetic. dont even think of buying

  3. 10 minutes ago, Big Boss said:

    Sarvanayak series started well, I would take it anyday over Mahanagayan.

    It has nothing to do with passing of Rajkumar Gupta. He wasn't even remotely involved in Raj comics. His sons Sanjay, Manish and Manoj were the ones running comics, with Sanjay Gupta playing major role.

    The quality went down ever since Anupam Sinha started writing original stories. Series like Sarpasatra, Mahanagayan, Shaktiroopa are complete garbage.

    Only decent new series is Narak nashak series and Nagparv series. Pralay ka Devta too is decent.

    earlier issues of sarvanayak were good, no doubt about that. Even if RKG wasnt involved, there was only 1 RC in market. Now with all 3 brothers fighting with each other, honestly RC's future doesnt look good.  I still have some hopes from SG.  rest are solely dependent on reprints.  that animation of PKD was also good.

  4. 3 minutes ago, dante77 said:

    But I am talking about 90s myself. I think around 96-97 or something like that. I think it reached 20 Rs at that time! But don't remember fully. 

    It was year 1990 or 1991, pretty sure about that. Digest rent was 1, single issues were 50 paise. availability was not an issue, almost all stationary shops used to keep them, that could be the reason

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