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    ^ Ya, for some goddamn reason unable to upload an image .
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    Screen Shot 2021-03-26 at 1.13.54 PM
  3. Oh don't say that. *Looks fondly at 2070S*.
  4. So are Zotac graphic cards purchased from Amazon covered on the warranty front ? Any sizeable difference in terms of service provided when the product malfunctions or if other issues observed ?
  5. Well if the last generation of Sony's console launched here in Jan then using that as a yardstick, it could be between Jan-Feb provided the logistics and stocks have been taken care of.
  6. Holy hell!!! faster than 2080S for just 400$.
  7. I am at the second nemesis fight and seriously is he a frigging bullet sponge ? I have emptied so many rounds of shotgun shells, explosive rounds, flame rounds and mine rounds on that parasite thing that comes outta his body. But he still keeps getting up. What does it take to put him down for good ?
  8. Is the optimization on PC as bad as Odyssey ?
  9. WR10

    Metro Exodus

    So I am playing this on PC and I have everything set to ultra at 1440p. The problem is when you look at the textures up close it looks embarrassingly low-res. I have tried turning off DLSS, AF is 16x. This is especially noticeable in the early snowy sections of the game. But indoors looks fine. Do I have to mess with the settings in the Geforce experience for this game or any other suggestions to improve the texture quality ?
  10. WR10

    Gaming PCs

    ^ Nope 1L aint gonna cut it. For a combo of a 3700X+compatible mobo+RAM+PSU+case alone it costs around 60 - 65k and then comes the display and GPU which will far exceed 1L.
  11. Yup have to fire up Spidey and see how the HDR implementation is. Cant believe R* of all people couldn't deliver on the HDR front.
  12. I am running the PS4 version and it looks really underwhelming with both of the HDR modes. Not sure how much of a difference is there between the PC and PS4 version with HDR.
  13. So after getting a new 27 inch HDR monitor I was curious with the HDR effects for RDR2 and decided to turn it on. It looked like all the life in the game was drained out and I could no longer distinguish between the different hues. What in the hell R* ? Thanks for making my first step into HDR gaming utterly miserable and completely unremarkable.
  14. Some staple and ever-present problems in the AC games - Dumb AF AI, Bad Optimisation on PC, All NPC's looking like mannequins and completely lifeless, Shitty side quest design.
  15. Ah, it's that time of the year again to fat roll into more jars !!!
  16. Holy mother of god and people are actually considering that.
  17. My Setup is finally done. CPU - i5 10400F 13.8k MOBO - Gigabyte B460M 9k Didn't see the logic in getting a Z series mobo as it only allows high memory speeds for i5 and above RAM - Crucial 16GB 4.2k @ 2666MHZ GPU - Zotac RTX 2070S Mini 38k PSU - Gigabyte P650B 4.7k Display - LG 27QN600 23.9k Total - 93.9k
  18. I think the custom versions of 3070 should be selling here for 60-70k if not greater than that.
  19. Guys, got the rest of the pc parts yesterday. CPU - 10400F @ 13.7k MOBO - Gigabyte B460M D3H @ 9k RAM - Crucial 16gigs @ 2666MHZ @ 4.5k PSU - Gigabyte P650B @ 4.7k Total - 32k.
  20. Need suggestions for a 1440p monitor in 20-25k range. Not looking for high refresh rates. Primary needs are - IPS panel, in-built speakers.
  21. WR10

    Watch Dogs Legion

    So, Lukaku can rap too ?
  22. Ordered the 2070S from Appario. Current delivery date is 28th Oct.
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