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  1. Watched the 1995 BBC series of Pride and Prejudice, amazing and very well acted by everyone. It's a must watch for ppl who liked Keira Knightley's P&P.
  2. Agreed. Massively overrated. The Good Liar was a much better thriller and well acted movie than Knives Out. IMO.
  3. It felt like a better version of The Expendables
  4. Watched 6 Underground and its a good movie. I dunno y few reviewers are giving negative reviews because of Michael Bay. IMO, 6 Underground is far better than the recent Michael Bay directed Transformers.
  5. The Outer Worlds is an Amazing game. Played 4 hrs now. Finished 2 main quest and 3 side quests. The side quests are tight and well paced. Gave me the vibes of Borderlands 2. The game is promising and very much fun.
  6. Is anyone playing this game?
  7. Thx. Watched it last night. Pacing was amazing for such a long movie. The build up towards the end kept me engaged and hooked for a long long long time. Amazing Direction, Excellent acting and the mood of the movie dials up to 11 once Al Pacino enters the scene. Overall, an excellent and exceptional movie in a long time.
  8. The Batman

    Death Stranding

    Yes. Trike would b the best option. Speed through the BTs in 'em.
  9. Wondering if there is ever a DS2, which I feel may not happen, will Louise be a playable character? Also, during the ending, Sam had broken his strand with Amelie and saved Louise, thereby ending the Death Stranding and the Timefall. Correct?
  10. I felt the emotions running during the first cremation and the same during the final mission. The game was exceptional during such moments (fragile sacrifice, Cliff hug, sam and amelie hug). Hoping Kojima to top these things in his next game. Also, if platinum games and Kojima productions can collaborate to give an action game with engaging and dramatic story...cough...MGS Revengence....kinda...cough..will be awesome in PS5.
  11. Not expecting DS2. However, hoping Kojima can embed the mechanics in some stealth action game; an alternate of MGS.
  12. The Batman

    Death Stranding

    After playing Death Stranding, Star Wars platforming especially when walking on the pipes, character balancing etc, feels like a joke.
  13. As Fragile states, she couldn't kill Higgs and so he had chosen to end his life (his choices were to either remain on the beach forever or end his life; Higgs chose the latter). Higgs is dead. Though the character was one dimensional, Troy Bker did a good job as Higgs.
  14. Very much needed thread! So basically Sam's visions were his own and BB28 visions, since he was the original BB who became a man. With the end credit, does it mean that Louise will become like Sam?
  15. Once u defeat ape, dont skip fighting him and his gf later, it will give u good reward and should b a piece of cake by that time.
  16. This had helped. Got my dual lightsaber after chapter 2 from the 1st planet. All u need is the push power. Good for crowd control.
  17. The Batman

    Death Stranding

    Completed the game finally. It had been an Excellent journey. Overall game was Excellent not EPIC. Mads Mikkelsen
  18. The Batman

    Death Stranding

    Completed chapter 10. Craving for more action in Ch-11 now. Hopefully, will complete this weekend and continue my Jedi fantasy. This year end has been good with a lot of good titles. PS4 FTW!!!
  19. The Batman

    Death Stranding

    Completed chapter 8 finally. It took me 4 hrs for the final delivery. 1st attempt: Around halfway through the destination., My cargo got stuck in floating carrier on the mountain after I decided to face BT boss. Redeployed and had to go all the way back to retrieve the cargo. Couldn't make a post box due to low choral network. 2nd attempt: good about one and half hour to reach the destination on the truck and before few meters away, electricity fluctuated and my ps4 restarted. 3rd Attempt: Took the trike and loaded all the cargo on my back and accelerated through BT areas and mountains and reached destination in 30 min. After reaching the final spot, thought I died but it was the beginning of chapter 9. Game is on fire now.
  20. The Batman

    Death Stranding

    About to complete chapter 8. The story is intriguing and gameplay is good. I'm continuously making Timefall shelters / generators and Ziplines. The terrain is easy to roam now. Also, wheelie on the bike makes riding much faster and easier. However, I have not come across any hour long cutscenes. Will there be any in the upcoming chapters. Mads Mikkelsen acting and his chapters were one if the best.
  21. Pre ordered for the orange lightsaber. IGN reports the gameplay is a mash between Uncharted and Dark Souls and has a good story of about 20 hrs. And Yet craving to play Death Stranding
  22. The Batman

    Death Stranding

    Just got through the weather station and unlocked few abilities. Trike came handy from other players.
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