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  1. The Batman

    Death Stranding

    This is one of those games which gives you the ultimate challenge (similar to Sekiro frustrations) when played offline. U can only carry a limited no of items on you than actually required. The theme of the game is to help others and get helped. "Help me to help you". Imagine u r trekking a mountain for 20 min with all your ladders and climbing ropes and u r just meters away from the summit but no more materials or way to climb up. U may have to go back down and go around the mountain which may take forever. Whereas with other players help who have taken a similar path as yours, would have left ladders and ropes for others to make their journey easier. The more I think about the game, the more I'm loving it. Hideo Kojima FTW!!
  2. If someone puts in on TP, will consider buying after finishing Death Stranding.
  3. The Batman

    Death Stranding

    For ppl who are still sceptical to buy DS, the answer would b a definitive Yes. This is a remarkable, unique and positiveness filled game. It's a must play / Try for all gamers perhaps now or later.
  4. The Batman

    Death Stranding

    Hopefully so, but then again, you wont b able to see other players structures unless u connect/ expand the network. Ppl might struggle less than what we are going through now.
  5. The Batman

    Death Stranding

    I reckon in a year or so, the game world / terrain would b full of roads and bridges built by all the players over the world and Kojima will take the award for connecting players to build their world. Also, the more connections you establish, the more your internet connectivity with other players increase. In a way, you are connecting yourself with other players. I dont understand why many people say it's a walking simulator. Games such as The Last Guardian, Shadow of Colossus, were having similar gameplay style without the MP component but no reviewer complained. This games is a solid GOTY contender.
  6. The Batman

    Death Stranding

    Time flies by when playing this game. Chapter 3 missions are good. The BT infested area in the NW was intense. Got my Trike now. Time to take it out for a spin.
  7. For a SP only game, 6-7 hrs is extremely short (The Order for instance). If the campaign is short, then the price needs to be lowered. However, given Respawn's quality, the recent interviews and the people on board the dev team, this game seems very promising and could b a GOTY contender imo.
  8. This game is being developed by GOW3 game director and Mafia 3 story writer. Seems to be good imo.
  9. The Batman

    Death Stranding

    Played 5 hrs straight and was invested in the game. It is not boring like many reviewers say. Perhaps, it's not their type of game. I'm loving it!!! The graphics, gameplay and the story are all Amazing. During the first couple of hour, the game would definitely bring a tear to people who have lost their loved ones. Loving it so far.
  10. The game is Excellent. Started the SP again in Realism and its Awesome. MP (especially Ground War) is addictive and fun. They need to add more maps in Ground War. I have been playing on the same 2 maps over and over and over again. Co-OP is alright, nothing special.
  11. My turning point was Genchiri - Round 2. Had been dying for 5 consecutive days - lost count of tries, deleted the game twice, put it up for sale but then my muscle Memory of Souls gave up and adapted Sekiro parry... This game teaches you- Dont give up!! Keep trying
  12. I had decided to cancel Amazon pre order and purchase it locally. Couldn't waste the holidays without a new game. The campaign is Amazing!!!! Multiplayer is also good...getting the old MW series MP vibes... This is one of the best COD in a long time and best campaign since BO1.
  13. Better to cancel and buy it from local vendor. GTS has it in stock. I hv cancelled mine. Cannot wait till Tuesday
  14. Same here. My Amazon pre order is sitting in Bhiwandi since yday and shows will arrive on Tuesday. No point in pre ordering if we have to wait 4 days after release. Have also pre ordered Death Stranding from Amazon as well. Hoping for the best.
  15. Same here. My Amazon pre order is sitting in Bhiwandi since yday and shows will arrive on Tuesday. No point in pre ordering if we have to wait 4 days after release. Have also pre ordered Death Stranding from Amazon as well. Hoping for the best.
  16. "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet"
  17. Just finished the game on the second run. Pros Excellent Audio Excellent performance Excellent Voice acting Beautiful & haunting visuals Attention to detail Very good Lore Good story Satisfying combat Nice pacing Value for money Unique experience Cons Game breaking bug at the end in Hellheim +/- Could have been lengthier (perhaps Sony wants Kratos to kill all nine heims Gods). However, the current length is alright. Enjoyed my first playthrough in one sitting taking my own time to proceed. Took about 9 hrs. 2nd playthrough was about 6 hrs
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