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  1. You don't have to use Amex card on petrol pump, you can buy HP pay card from Amex reward multiplier website with Amex card. From Citi app, you can recharge paytm wallet using Citi cards for 1 lac per card
  2. You can use Amex Cards to buy HPCl pay cards through reward multiplier gyftr option, shall give upto 5X points Else load paytm using Citi app, limit of 1 lac per month. Else use Amex Platinum Charge card on any petrol pump and get 5 MR points per Rs 100. Prefer HP petrol pump due to no fuel surcharge.
  3. No you don't need to have bank account with every bank from where you want credit card. You can always create a netbanking account with bank for credit card only if you want . I am having more than 15 credit cards with multiple banks, for many I have not even registered for net banking.
  4. Sadly DJI 3 doesn't support Samsun S20+ else it's on great price. Thanks did information.
  5. Hi, which gimbal you bought, I am also searching for one. Thought of DJI OM 4, but could not found at reasonable price
  6. In case going ahead with oneplus, do know that they offering upto 10%Cashback upto 5k on oneplus.in using Amex cards
  7. Due to frequent IT failures z RBI ordered audit and ban them from acquiring new customer They are required to store data of Indian customer in India which is not being done by them. So banned them from acquiring new customers.
  8. No bundle. Exact text Welcome back, Hannibal_anil! You’re back in the game with a free month of PlayStation Plus. This has already been activated so you don’t have to do anything to start enjoying all your member benefits. Join your friends online in your favourite multiplayer games, add two games to your collection every month and keep playing them whenever you have an active membership, download exclusive packs for games like Fortnite and GTA Online and enjoy extra savings on PlayStation Store. Your free month of PlayStation Plus will end on 1/8/2021 – this won’t auto-renew so you don’t have to worry about remembering to cancel.
  9. So I have been away from playstation plus for more than 3 years now. Recently purchased PS4 Pro and started gaming on PS again. Today I received 1 month plus subscription as welcome back. Are they giving PS plus like this?
  10. It's like buying some thing which you can encash and transfer money to repay credit card bill. For eg. there were You first card available on amazon, I used to buy 80k cards using Diners back 10x program, giving me 25k worth points. Then I encased these cards in phonepe and transferred money to bank and paid CC bill. So no out of pocket expense and got 25k worth points every month.
  11. You can earn cash back by using debit card to make payment of credit card. HDFC millennia & HDFC platinum debit card are good option on this. You can use mobikwik for making payment. Dump ICICI as their reward system is crap. Shift to Amex, HDFC or Citi. Check on SBI dashboard for voucher. If not there, call customer care. It going to be very long write up. That's why we doing Clubhouse sessions. Speaking is quicker than writing. You may join session where many other more experienced than me are there.
  12. True. This is my third year holding Amex platinum charge card and I have always got more than twice the value against annual fee.
  13. Will DM you You can earn points without any out of pocket expense using technique manufactured spending. I did booked return flight for my family to Singapore from points earned using this technique and upgrade to business with miles.
  14. We are group of few credit card & miles enthusiast having a WhatsApp group started holding sessions on Clubhouse where we discuss and answer queries related to credit cards & miles. You can join through following link. https://www.clubhouse.com/join/indian-miles-guide/2c8CziTd/xpaDW8VY Mods pls remove if posting is against rules @Joe Cool @assasins creed @KnackChap @Assassins Creed
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