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  1. Use twitter, thiwr response is good and they do follow up till issue get resolved
  2. If any of your friends in Microsoft then you can ask them to send you family and friends offer where you can buy windows for like 2k, office 365 family for 1.6k per year.
  3. Can you apply bank cashback offer too on student offer?
  4. So any offline store matched price? What's final deal you got?
  5. Limit helps in getting better cards. So even if you just spending 1-2 % of limit, a better limit is always preferred.
  6. Hum miles walo ko bahut aage ki soch ke chalna padta hai, like sagai hone per bache ka school tak soch lena 😂
  7. I was wondering that seeing your card photo 😂 Any way as you are there search for PM to Prestige, how will detailed guides.
  8. Case 2. Cap is on bonus points only NVM, didn't saw it was answered
  9. AFAIK you can call Prestige line and can upgrade without any timeline. However you need to have PM with min 3 Lac limit. Going by recent experience, PM is being issued with limit in range of 1 lac. So you will need to send documents to their head office to limit increase. Getting limit increase is not easy with Citi. Regarding fee, it will be on pro-rata basis. Prestige fee will levied and PM fee will be reversed.
  10. Axis Atlas, Magnus I know of. Others have to check They get added as Authorised user however in personal experience untill you get your own card or loan, cibil score doesn't show
  11. There are many buying groups of whatsapp where you can sell your vouchers at some discount. You can try them
  12. Call Prestige line at +91-22-49181050, 1-800-419-1050, one of group member got rejected so he called these numbers and got Prestige.
  13. Citi mention 4 Primermiles for PM and 4 air miles for Prestige, Hence confusion. No one know for sure how things will be after merger. As per one person having good relationship with axis in my cards group, Axis will offer Reserve to Citi Prestige customers and Atlas to Premiermiles. Edge rewards on Reserve could be converted to edge miles. Axis will try his best to retain Citi customers and Citi have one of the highest per card spends. Take either PM or Prestige as long as you can get it, I don't see any harm SC Ultimate is one of the good card have almost no exclusions for earning points however AFAIK SC Ultimate points can be transferred to BA avios only at very poor ratio.
  14. Prestige and Premiermiles are league apart. They both have different rewards structure. Check my tweet. Mods: if twitter link is against forum rules, please delete the post and I will keep that in mind
  15. Taken any BNPL or pay later product? Dmi Finance is usually Paytm pay later
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