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  1. Update on Flipkart delivering wrong phone. Flipkart resolved issue and received my S20+ today and they picked up A50. Is any here purchased Samsung phone under flipkart smart upgrade plan?
  2. Matter still not resolved. They asked for 24 hours in their last communication and its been 48 hour. Interestingly invoice I had received in box is of S20+ with IMEI number mentioned on it.
  3. Just a friendly advice. While receiving high value products make a unboxing video. I had ordered Samsung Galaxy S20+ and received A50 from Flipkart. Thankfully I had made unboxing video Twitter Post
  4. Using 3600 on AsRock Steel Legend B450M. So far no complaints.
  5. So I also gone ahead with Brazil code through cdkeys and bought gold for 2 year. I bought first a year code and tried on Xbox website. When it gone through, I bought another code. Now this time, code was not generated and it gone under review. It took few hours before I got the code. I remain connected to Brazil vpn this whole time. Since $1 deal was not available on my main account , I used code on my another account. There $1 was available there and got upgraded to ultimate for Rs 59/- While doing this I didn't used any vpn. Now my question is 1. Can I play games on my main account if I install games through another account on same Xbox 2. If I buy games on us Xbox website, will it be available to play here? 3. Which country server is best for xcloud. I am using nordvpn Thanks
  6. if you were platinum with Jet, you will platinum at intermiles too. there are nice benefits for platinum, like amazon prime voucher, 1500 bigbasket vouchers, free fuel of some amount etc. You don't have spend anything to redeem them.
  7. If you have accumulated milestone bonus of amex platinum travel, you can exchange 10k points for 8k FK voucher & 7.5k points for 5K FK voucher also
  8. Amex points are considered at least equivalent to Rs 1 by using transfer partners. My suggestion, better to go that road.
  9. was googling and found this I don't know if MS decide to cancel later on.
  10. Getting Xbox live 12 month for 3599/- at prepaidgamercard, good deal?
  11. I am already on ultimate. So its not giving me the option
  12. I don't own it but it's on my wishlist. I have read and watched reviews and I am selecting it over Logitech G213 is because of removable hand rest, better key illumination and extra macro keys. Its membrane keyboard and I need silent keys for late night Gaming
  13. It normally available on 3k on Amazon time to time on daily deals. Place price alert
  14. Hey, just saw 3 months ultimate pass for Rs 50 /- under Xbox Live Gold. Would it convert entire length of Xbox gold to ultimate for Rs 50/-? @Athtk Could you also check, thanks Sent from my ONEPLUS A6000 using Tapatalk
  15. Thinking of buying Samsung lite series, which one you guys think is better ( Note or normal one) Currently using oneplus 6. Wanted to switch to Samsung mainly for Samsung Pay.
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