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  1. I am already on ultimate. So its not giving me the option
  2. I don't own it but it's on my wishlist. I have read and watched reviews and I am selecting it over Logitech G213 is because of removable hand rest, better key illumination and extra macro keys. Its membrane keyboard and I need silent keys for late night Gaming
  3. It normally available on 3k on Amazon time to time on daily deals. Place price alert
  4. Hey, just saw 3 months ultimate pass for Rs 50 /- under Xbox Live Gold. Would it convert entire length of Xbox gold to ultimate for Rs 50/-? @Athtk Could you also check, thanks Sent from my ONEPLUS A6000 using Tapatalk
  5. Thinking of buying Samsung lite series, which one you guys think is better ( Note or normal one) Currently using oneplus 6. Wanted to switch to Samsung mainly for Samsung Pay.
  6. 10% Cash back on Amex card on Amazon and Flipkart above 5k spend and upto 1.5k cashback login in website and check under your offers I got this offer separately under Platinum charge, platinum travel and Membership Rewards cards.
  7. It's not allowing to extend while I am on ultimate membership
  8. Have you done it? I currently have ultimate till July. To get 3 year should I create new account or wait till then. I don't mind forfeiting current ultimate membership if there is any way to activate 3 year membership on current account
  9. For SBI cards, go to amazon using Yono app to get extra 5% Cashback (check for exclusion) Offer link For Yes bank card, go to amazon from Yes cart for 5X points earnings For HDFC cards, go to amazon through Smartbuy for 10X points(33% for INFINIA or Diners Black) For ICICI card, go to amazon through imobile cashback link for extra cashback
  10. Hi, just started using steam and created profile few days ago only. Now need friends to claim festive tokens. Add me. I mainly play strategy games like AOE 2 on multiplyer front https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198067971214/
  11. I am new to discord. Could you help me with server invite for steam account or swapping of games
  12. So is there any formal place to share steam account same as sharing psn account with games?
  13. I have shifted from console to PC Gaming and currently have Xbox game pass. Just want to understand, like we resale console games here, is there any way to resale PC games. I am interested in buying RDR2 but don't want to spend 2k without any resale value
  14. You can not receive any message. Msg me

  15. Hi , i am not able to send you pm, please pm me, I am looking for a ps3

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