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Phantasy Star Online 2


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I believe. Sammy doesn't interfere with SEGA's consumer business these days and just going about their routine with pachislot & pachinko. Even more surprisingly SoA's pushing more western releases based on feedback (LOL, I know but this is actually true). Yakuza 5 maybe because of sony's 3rd party division but SEGA clearly made a statement sometime ago about getting serious on their consumer business model. Recent PC ports (more to come) are a hint too. They also have a console game announcement at TGS (probably PS4).


Also, the PS4 install base isn't that bad in JPN. More than 1.5M last I checked (around 3-4 months ago, maybe more now). They'd be happy if they get players more than the PS4 Yakuza numbers. Either way it's far from a release in JPN anyway, spring 2016. We'll get the answers at that PSO2 event in december. Felt so f**king good to hear this even, I downloaded 14 gigs of data from the asian version and couldn't login even with VPN. :furious:

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Yea 1.5m is really small. PSO2 was at 2m after the first month and is currently much higher , unless everyone on ps4 joins. Its going to have a very insignificant impact in Japan.


I think it might be a western release with Sony support.

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Fkin 10 years after this thread was created. Its actually out on the MS Store now :rofl:


NA only for now , but you can change the region and download it.

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