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Stevie G

Help Earphones

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^^ Wireless headphones cost a bomb and the sound-quality will also take a hit with cheaper products.


I suggest that you go for these

  • Ozone Attack ~1700/-
  • Ozone Spark ~2200/-

Hope this helps, Cheerio!


guys my ieps broken


wanna new one


budget 3k


plz suggest me some quickly and also location in banglore


Again what is the use going to be, Source (dedicated PMP / MP3 / iPod OR phone), what type of audio signature do you like?


Options you can give a dekho --

  • VSONIC GR02 Bass edition
  • BRAINWAVZ M2 (directly from MP4nation)
  • SoundMAGIC E10M
  • SoundMAGIC E30

Hope this helps, Cheerio!

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I read a few seinhiezer and skullcandy headphones on flipkart ... Aren't those suppoesed to b good?


Headphones OR earphones?


Actually I kind of detest cheap Sennheiser and SkullCandy products, all they seem to have is bloated bass smothering all other details in the music.

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