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Battlefield 1 gets a new competitive focused game mode @Gamescom 2017

EA decided to take the covers off of Battlefield 1’s latest upcoming 5v5 competitive focused game mode, titled Incursions.

The game mode pits two players of five against each other in an intense match up that the DICE developers have promised, been made based on feedback from the Battlefield 1 community. AI populates the map to give the game mode a sense of scale and vehicle-play is “big” according to the developers and players who have tested this game mode for DICE. Closed ALPHA testing for this game mode begins in September and would be exclusive to the PC and if you are in the US or Western European territories you do not need to own the base game to take part.

Apart from this EA announced the Revolutions Edition which is basically a renamed Deluxe Edition package of the game for a now reduced price of ~$60 (Rs 3,500 on EA’s ORIGIN platform for PC) or your local equivalent. The Revolutions Edition gives you full access to Battlefield 1, its pre-order content and all content included in the Premium Pass.

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