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Bioshock: Infinite gets Move support; new game announced for Vita

After showing some footage of the ever so promising Bioshock: Infinite, Irrational Games head Ken Levine confessed that he was made a ‘believer’ of the prowess of Playstation Move for hardcore gaming by Sony after his skeptical remarks about motion-controlled gaming earlier. He went on to announce that Bioshock: Infinite will make use of Playstation Move.  To PS3 gamers’ delight, it was also announced that Bioshock: Infinite for PS3 will be bundled with the first Bioshock game on the same disk.

Levine also announced that an entirely new game set in the Bioshock universe is in the works for the Playstation Vita, Sony’s new handheld console. The game is still at an early evolutionary stage. No specific release date was announced for either title.

Bioshock: Infinite will release in India via E-Xpress Interactive at an estimated price of Rs 2,499 for consoles and Rs 699 for PC. We thoroughly enjoyed Bioshock 2, giving it 8/

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