Microsoft offers refunds on Xbox One Battlefield 4 Premium after online issues

After weeks of being unable to fix the online issues with Battlefield 4 on Xbox One, Microsoft is now offering refunds to Battlefield 4 Premium subscribers.


Having paid £39.99 for Battlefield 4 Premium, which offers ‘Second Assault’ DLC for free, many Xbox One users found that it didn’t work. For the section of gamers who did manage to download it, poor connectivity was a smack in the face.

In November, EA and Microsoft had said that the issue was being investigated. After having waited enough, frustrated Battlelog Forum Members tried to reason with Microsoft about the issue. They managed to get a refund, but their Premium subscriptions were revoked.

With the issue persistent with the PS4 too, reports are that PSN users are trying the same, albeit, with no quick response from Sony yet.

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