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Meet the Xbox Series S: It is small, supports ray tracing, 120fps, and more

Microsoft will be launching the $299 console on November 10, 2020

The Xbox Series S is finally official, following some recent leaks. Not that the console’s announcement is a surprise to anyone considering the leaks on Microsoft’s own retail peripherals. Despite the console being Microsoft’s worst-kept secret, we now know that the Xbox Series S will launch in the US on November 10 and will retail for $299 USD. The console does not come with a disc drive and is touted to be the smallest Xbox yet, at a size that’s 60% smaller than the Xbox Series X.

Though Microsoft has not revealed its actual hardware specs, the company does promise a complete next-gen gaming experience with DirectX Ray Tracing and 120fps support at a resolution of 1440p. It also promises 4K upscaling in games along with 4K video streaming. It will have a 512GB custom NVMe internal storage, which may be a concern considering the size of games and updates these days and this being a digital-only console.

Though the ports have not been revealed yet, we would expect USB ports for external devices and controllers, and a custom port for Microsoft’s custom expandable 1TB storage.

Seeing the trends in console pricing we can speculate that the console may launch in India at somewhere around Rs. 30,000, which would be significantly more affordable than the other options that are expected to be priced closer to the Rs. 50,000 mark. It will release on November 10, which may just be the same day as the Series X .

Considering the next-gen experience that the Xbox Series S promises at that price, it will be ideal for gamers who don’t really care about 4K or game on Full-HD or 2K displays.

Did Microsoft just reveal the ultimate Game Pass machine? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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