Crysis 2 DirectX 11 update coming soon

Crytek, the studio behind Crysis 2, is working on a DirectX 11 patch for the PC version of the game, according to their website The post has been removed from the site, but we do have the screenshot, courtesy of a Neogaf user Beedog. The DirectX 11 patch brings tessellation support, improvements to motion blur, shadows, depth of field and many more fancy visual effects.

We have no idea why these features weren’t available at launch, and it remains to be seen how well this patch is received by PC gamers. You also need a DirectX 11 capable graphics card to be able to use these features. Crytek will also offer a high resolution texture pack, along with the DirectX 11 update. Crysis 2 is priced at Rs 2,499 for the console versions, and Rs 999 for the PC version in India, and it received a solid 8/10 here on IVG.

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