Desi Adda: Sony’s new game for the Indian audience

icon_news1First there was Hanuman: Boy Warrior, and lets not mince any words here, it was god-awful. But that hasn’t deterred Sony from creating original content targeted towards the Indian audience. The coming months will see the release of Desi Adda – a game based on Indian rural sports like kabaddi, kho-kho, and gilli-danda. It’s developed by Hyderabad-based studio GameShastra and will be published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

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The fear, of course, is that Desi Adda will follow in the footsteps of Hanuman, and end up as a sub-standard game unable to compete even with quality PS2 titles developed five years ago. But GameShastra CEO Prakash Ahuja feels that they’ve learned from Hanuman and that many hours of game testing have ensured that Desi Adda is a polished product that will appeal to a global audience. Look for an official announcement of the game for PS2 and PSP from Sony sometime this month.

Early next year, the GameShastra/Sony partnership will return once again with a PSP/PS2 game based on a Bollywood blockbuster. We weren’t given too many details other than the fact that it will be an action game and has been in development since two years when work on the movie script began. Ahuja also mentioned that the stars of the film will be lending their voice talents to the game. Is this perhaps the game based on gang wars in Mumbai that we were told about a while back? You’ll know when we do.

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