Did Sony just kill the PlayStation Vita?

There wasn’t just bad news for PS4 gamers at Sony’s Investor Relations Day; things are looking rather glum for the PlayStation Vita as well.


SCE global CEO Andrew House, while stating that the Vita platform was “strong and vibrant” in Asia and Japan, added that it’s been in decline in America and Europe. For clarification – India falls under Europe in this scenario, not Asia.

He went on to classify the Vita handheld and the PlayStation TV microconsole as “legacy platforms”, a term usually used for hardware that is in the process of being phased out.

So not only should you not expect any new hardware revisions of the Vita, but you also shouldn’t hold our breath for Sony to put any of its first-party studios on Vita game development duties.

It looks very much like it’s now up to third party publishers and indie developers to keep the Vita alive.

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