Doom Eternal details allegedly leaked

Spoiler-filled information and screenshots appear on 4chan

After the glorious re-incarnation of Doom in 2016, Doom Eternal has been a very highly anticipated first-person shooter this year. Though a lot of the game has been showcased across various gaming events so far, a new leak that appeared of 4chan and reported on the Reset Era gaming forums lets out some pretty interesting details about the game’s campaign, DLC packs, gameplay, and more. To authenticate the leaks, the poster also put up a bunch of development screenshots.

SPOILER WARNING: Don’t read any further if you don’t want spoilers on Doom Eternal.

An interesting point to note is that the Doom discord is reported to be on lockdown post these leaks. Still, 4Chan is notorious for leaking fake information so all this should be taken with a grain of salt. It’s a pretty interesting read though –

  • Doom Eternal starts off as a prequel to Doom (2016), where knight sentinels train you on using the energy sword that we’ve seen in gameplay demos. It appears you need three glory kills to be able to use the energy sword.
  • After the prologue you go back to the present. You start in the Hub world where you find bits of your Praetor Armor.
  • After a while, Samuel’s UAC team supposedly tethers you back to Phobos to stop the demons that have been unleashed by a cultist. You have to fight Heaven and three gods of some sort to save the people.
  • The final boss is a “rogue female angel” with three forms – one of which is Icon of Sin, which is a representation of Satan.
    Doomguy and Doomslayer are revealed to be the same guy in the end – stuck in an eternal time loop across different dimensions.
  • The game’s ending shows a green hill full of people and bunnies. The Doomguy sacrifices himself to enter the final loop.
    In a mid-credits scene, the Doomguy gets his helmet knocked off and his face is revealed with an expression from the original Doom game when the player picks up a weapon. There’s also a post-credits scene with Hayden saying how everything is going according to the plan, to imps in business suits.
  • The game will also star Quake marines – Phobos and Crash as DLC characters. Crash is described as a woman in her early 30s with short dark-brown hair and exposed abs. She has a higher rank than Phobos.
  • Story DLCs will also be about Phobos and Crash during the Demonic invasion to Earth.
  • The gladiator demon on the box art is The Betrayer
  • There are multiple Marauders, former Knight Sentinels. One of them is Doomguy’s old friend.
  • Skins for Doomguy and his weapons are unlockable in the game. Skins include the Doom 3 plasma rifle and a comic book Doomguy skin.
  • There’s now a spring feature and mapped to Shift key.
  • According to the leaker, the angels are fantastical and contain no references to Christianity.

Along with these, a list of Doom Eternal’s levels was also revealed –

  • Sentinel Prime (The Fall of Corrax)
  • The Colosseum (Imminent Fury)
  • Headquarters (Not The Villian)
  • Surface Facility (Destroyer of Worlds)
  • Mars Core (Escape)
  • Gateway (Traveler)
  • Suburbs (Hell on Earth)
  • Downtown (City Flight)
  • Citadel (Hunt Or Be Hunted)
  • Cultist Base (The Blind Council)
  • Hellgate (Wraiths)
  • Blood Temple (Beyond The Well)
  • Pantheon (The Netherworld)
  • Mothership (The Light-Bringer)
  • Axis Mundi (Paradise Lost)
  • Primum Mobile (Transcendence)
  • Empyrean (Meet Your Makyr)
  • The Source (The Icon of Sin)

You can read about the full leak here. Doom Eternal will be out on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on November 22.

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