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Doomfist is coming to Overwatch on July 27

Blizzard has confirmed that the latest character, Doomfist, is going to arrive in Overwatch on July 27.

Doomfist was formally introduced to the game earlier in the month, after being teased since the initial trailer for the game dropped. He will be the fourth character added to the game post-release, following Ana, Sombra and Orisa.

A top lieutenant in the terror group Talon, Doomfist considers confrontation as a means to advance humanity. Blizzard’s homage to classic fighting games, he’s a frontline Offense hero who likes getting up close with enemies and punching them in the face.

If you want to play the character and help Blizzard balance him, you can hop onto the PTR branch right now. Or just wait till the 27th like everyone else

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