Lost Planet 2 co-op demo on Xbox LIVE this month

icon_news1Capcom have announced that a co-op demo for Lost Planet 2 will be available on Xbox LIVE starting August 19, a little strange considering the game isn’t even scheduled for release this year. Silver members will gain access to the demo starting August 26. There is no word on a PSN demo, but considering how Capcom’s arcade titles show up later on PSN and some demos don’t show up at all, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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The level in the demo will be the same Salamander boss that we previewed a while back. We were only allowed to sample it in single-player mode back then, and it was clear that the level was designed with co-op in mind. The demo will allow for four people to co-operatively take out the G-Type boss using weapons and mechs scattered around the map.

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