Marvel’s Avengers latest patch aims to fix “over 1000 issues” with the game

Developer Square Enix has released a massive patch for their action RPG, Marvel’s Avengers, aiming to fix “over 1000 issues” that have been present since launch.

The laundry list of updates is rather big, but the major takeaway from this patch is that performance has been improved across the board (on all platforms), and that matchmaking has finally been fixed. If you’d like to dive into the nitty gritty of it all, head right here to check out the patch notes.

Square Enix have also said that there will be more patches along the way for various quality of life improvements. At this point, we do wonder though if people are still interested in the game. As we mentioned in our single-player impressions, the campaign is great, but once your’e done with that, there’s really not much to do. The end game content is terribly repetitive and boring and without the allure of visible loot, people have no motivation to grind for mere stat updates.

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