Origin Games launches E-Blue gaming peripherals in India

Origin Games has tied up with Hong Kong-based company E-Blue to offer its range of gaming peripherals in India.


The first batch of products, which includes keyboards, mice and a headset, is now available at Flipkart. More products are to be added soon (complete list below).

Origin also distributes gaming and audio products from Mad Catz, Saitek, Tritton and Audio Technica, amongst others, as well as games from 505 Games, Nordic Games, Codemasters and City Interactive.

E-Blue‘s products are priced in a lower range than some of the other brands Origin offers, with prices ranging from Rs 990 to Rs 8,990.

E-Blue also manufactures a range of Marvel-branded products, but those are unlikely to make it to India on account of licensing issues.

Here’s the complete list of E-Blue products that will be making their way to India:

Gaming mice

  • Cobra II – Rs 1,090
  • Cobra M – Rs 1,290
  • Mazer Type R – Rs 1.990
  • Cobra Type S – Rs 1,990
  • Mazer Type R (Wireless) – Rs 2,790
  • Mazer Wireless II – Rs 3,690
  • Auraza Type IM – Rs 4,790

Gaming surface

  • Cobra Mouse Pad (Large) – Rs 990

Gaming keyboards

  • Cobra Combatant-X – Rs 2,490
  • Mazer Type-X – Rs 2,990
  • Cobra II – Reinforcement R – Rs 3,990
  • Cobra Reinforcement Iron (mouse combo) – Rs 4,490

Gaming headsets

  • Cobra – Rs 1,690
  • Cobra 707 – Rs 3,490
  • Cobra – Rs 4,990
  • Cobra II – Rs 8,990
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