Overwatch’s Uprising Event Will Return On April 10th Alongside a New Retribution Event

Blizzard had introduced a bit of backstory to its team-based hero shooter Overwatch’s universe with the Uprising Event last year which detailed an omnic siege of London and how Overwatch neutralised it. The event is returning to the Arcade rotation this month alongside a new chunk of in-game lore detailing Overwatch’s covert operations wing Blackwatch’s exploits in Rialto, Venice dubbed Retribution.

Retribution, as stated earlier, will be taking place in a brand new location, Rialto, Venice and features a payload objective. The reveal trailer featured Gabriel ‘Reaper’ Reyes, Jesse McCree, Moira O’Deorain and, Genji Shimada fighting against the forces of the terror group, Talon. As usual, the event will introduce new character voice lines, cosmetic skins and emotes in-line with the event’s theme. The announcement of Retribution has coincided with the release of a mini-comic detailing the event that put the operation in motion. Check out the trailer below which sees the whole event from a rather terse and chilly post op debrief of the Blackwatch team by Overwatch’s nominal commander in chief, Jack Morrison.

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Both Uprising and Retribution will go live on the 10th of April and will be accessible by all players until the 30th of April. Overwatch is available on PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One platforms from your preferred retailers and digital distribution portals.

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