PlayStation TV micro console coming to India in January

The PlayStation TV micro console will launch in India in January, Sony has confirmed to IVG.


Launched as the PlayStation Vita TV in Japan and Asia, the tiny device is capable of playing downloaded Vita, PSP and PS One Classic games without requiring either of those devices, as well as allowing you to remote-play PS4 games on a secondary TV.

PlayStation TV is compatible with PS Vita, PS3 and PS4, and when the device launches in India, it will be bundled with a Dualshock controller as well as download codes for games, enabling even those without either PlayStation device to get gaming.

The device will also be compatible with Sony’s upcoming cloud gaming service, PlayStation Now.


Aside from gaming, the PlayStation Vita also doubles up as a handy media streaming device. The device will soon be updated with the Network Media Player, through which users will be able to access media servers over a local network. Media content can then either be streamed to the device or copied onto it.

No pricing has yet been announced for the PlayStation TV in India, but the device retails at €99.99 in Europe, without the controller bundled in.

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