Rockstar releases GTA V gameplay trailer

As promised, Rockstar has released the very first gameplay trailer for Grand Theft Auto V, and simply put, it’s f*****g sublime. When they said this was their most ambitious game ever made, they certainly were not kidding. The amount of content they’ve managed fit into just one game is mind numbing, and what’s even more impressive, is that they’ve pulled this off on current gen hardware.


From the time they announced three protagonists, I never really knew how that would play out, but this trailer puts my mind at ease. It also shows me that I will be spending whatever is left of 2013 playing Grand Theft Auto V. And let’s not forget about the game’s MP quotient, Grand Theft Auto Online that was merely teased in today’s gameplay video. In case you haven’t pre-ordered the game (special edition or regular) yet, you can do so now. And for some absurd reason, if you still require any more convincing, check out our exclusive GTA V preview.

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