Sim City Amusement Park DLC out now

Maxis and EA have released something called the Amusement park DLC for Sim City, that if you haven’t guessed yet, has something to do with building and nurturing your very own amusement park.


Players can create a park that elicits memories from yore with classic-themed rides, or set their Sims on an adventure with thrill-seeking rides. Content includes Ferris Wheels, roller coasters, go-kart tracks and more. Released in last week’s Update 4.0, the free new map, Edgewater Bay, offers players a stunning backdrop to plan out their theme parks. Along with the new content there are five new missions to play through and will offer new gameplay for those players who want to master the Tourism city specialization.

The Amusement Park DLC is currently only available digitally, through Origin for Rs. 677.

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