Sony brings forward God of War III Indian release

icon_news1It’s becoming all too familiar. Some country in the Middle East breaks the street date of a Sony first party title. A couple of days later, import copies from the Middle East flood the Indian market at exorbitant prices. Fearing a drop in demand for the official release and faced with the prospect of being stuck with dead stock, Sony decides to officially bring forward the release date in India. It happened with Killzone 2, and now, it’s happening with possibly the biggest PS3 exclusive yet. God of War III, which had a scheduled release date of March 19, will now be available at retail stores across India starting tomorrow, March 13. That’s three days before anywhere else in the world.

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Various retailers in Mumbai have been informing their preorder customers of the game’s earlier than expected release. While we weren’t able to get in touch with either Sony or the game’s distributor, Milestone, for an official comment, stock of the game is on its way to retailers already, and the game should be in stores all over Mumbai at least on Saturday (13th).

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